Wednesday, October 12, 2016

yarn along

I have finished Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell!  I have finished the body of my sweater!  (Well, beside the pockets).  Next is the pockets and then the button band.  Making a garment from repurposed yarn means I might end up with a game of chicken but I kind of like the puzzle aspect of it all.

I have planned all year to read Rebecca this October.  I don't know why I got that bee in my bonnet exactly except I must have heard or read something about it awhile back that intrigued me.  I picked it up this week at the library and was pulled in immediately, by the first page.  Have you read it before?  Do you, like I do, always feel an urge to read something a bit spooky and creepy in the fall?  

Joining with Ginny for  Yarn Along at her Small Things blog.


  1. I loved re reading Rebecca I think last year but it might be the year before that. Hurray that you are finished with the body of the sweater!!

  2. I've read that book! What a great month to read it, too! That was the scariest book because it seemed so real with how the author set it up. Loved it. In fact, I was just thinking that would be a great book to re-read this month. Unfortunately, my reading list is a bit too long already!

  3. I have read it several times but will never forget the first time when I was in high school-I got so pulled in and loved the eeriness of it. Next up, you should read "My Cousin Rachel" by same author--make sure you don't get an abridged version though.
    your sweater looks wonderful and I can't wait to see it in person this weekend.

  4. I finished Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell about a year ago according to Goodreads, what a tome of a book. I watched Rebecca years and years ago with my sister and a friend (unwillingly, I don't really like suspense and scary movies) but I was drifting in and out of sleep. I finally did read Rebecca, not quite what I was expecting I guess. I do wonder about reading spooky stuff. I am considering reading Dracula and maybe Frankenstein. But I am easily spooked and have never been drawn to those "must reads."

  5. I have read Rebecca, but such a long time ago that I barely remember what it's about... But yes, sometimes there is nothing better than getting under a blanket with a spooky novel..

  6. I've not read it and prefer not to read spooky things (or watch spooky movies for that matter). Suspense I can handle a bit. The Girl on the Train was about as much suspense as I can handle! Yay for your knitting progress! xo