Thursday, November 03, 2016


Tonight is the last night we will spend in our house. We have been moving things into a small guest house owned by friends up the road from here and tomorrow it will be ready for us to sleep there. Saturday is moving out day.
All this would be happier all around if we were moving into "the new pretty house" Rosie prays for every night. Instead we are packing almost everything away into storage for an indeterminate amount of time and living in one big room plus a kitchen and a bathroom until something comes on the market here that we want.  I am very thankful for how the Lord has provided all we need for the moment, including buyers for a house we have regretted (in many ways) buying five years ago. We are older and (hopefully) a bit wiser now and kind of know what we should look for in a home for our family. So the fact that we are able to sell this place and have somewhere to live is a huge blessing. A hard blessing and not what I was particularly hoping for but I know I can trust our Father with our future and all our needs and longings. He knew the end from the beginning of this process and I really had no doubts along the way this past year that He is leading us. 
We are also so encouraged by the outpouring of help and love from our precious friends and family. From painting to moving to babysitting, I have seen God provide, especially for my children, things I didn't even know we would need. He is so good to me and I am humbled before His tender mercy and care to my mama heart. 
One of my girls was very sad at dinner tonight at our last dinner meal here. I pulled her on my lap and asked her what one of her favorite things about our house is, hoping that maybe it would be something I could replicate for her in our next little space. I was so overjoyed when she said, "Cooking with you, mama," and I could hug her tight and assure her we would cook together in the next place we live too, and I have all kinds of plans for making cupcakes and sprinkles for sister's birthday in a couple weeks and then Christmas cookies soon. Her face lit up and she began to look hopeful again about the time ahead as we whispered secret birthday baking plans together. That conversation was such a gift.


  1. praying you get your dream house fast! I'm glad you have somewhere to go but my what an adventure in a tiny space :)

  2. Lifing you in prayer and wishing you happy baking :)