Tuesday, November 15, 2016

rich fall




We loaded the kids and the dog and some food into the car and headed north to the river canyon where we spent the day exploring the meadows and climbing the hills and poking about in the aspen grove.  The older girls move so fast I can hardly get a picture of them from the front that's not blurry.  The colors were so lovely and rich, browns and yellows, but mostly browns now.  I bet a week or two ago it was a lot brighter but I don't mind. We cut the long grass and piled it on the damp ground to make dry seats where we could sit and eat.  We stayed until our fingers were too cold and then hiked back to the car.  To warm up we stopped at the local coffee shop in the next town for cocoa and coffee.  This fall has been slipping away in the busy activity of moving; I blinked and the trees are all nearly bare.  

Tonight we curled up on the couch and watched a movie and then Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy and my girls were so mesmerized with their first exposure to the game show of my childhood.  The wind roared through the huge sycamore outside and the lights were turned low so the girls could sleep while I chopped apples in the kitchen and piled them high in the slow cooker where they will simmer into smooth spiced apple butter overnight and we will wake up with our mouths watering with the smell of fall.  Even in the unknown and the change, He has given us so many good gifts.

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  1. gorgeous browns!! my favorite color of fall and winter especially when the snow is on the browns :) Glad you had a fun outing with your family.