Wednesday, February 15, 2017



A special breakfast of heart shaped banana slices and egg-in-the-hole for the girls (and scrambled eggs and Canadian bacon for me) for this Valentine's Day was a sweet way to start the day together. I loved watching Millie help Jesse stack wood this week; she had such a happy time outside chattering and listening to his stories and feeling so proud of her hard work.  

Dishcloths coming off my needles to replenish my supply, and my Buds and Bumbles has grown by about an inch this week which doesn't sound like much but it's pretty good progress for me!

At night before sleeping, Hannah Coulter delights me. I love Wendell Berry.

Joining in with Yarn Along today!


  1. I love the multicolored cloth! so pretty! Happy Valentine's day :)

  2. Stacking wood used to be our chores as kids as well as taking turns filling the woodbox.

  3. Love your gorgeous girls! What a lovely Valentine's Day treat. My library has no Wendell Berry, not matter how many times I look hoping they have purchased some books. I may have to buy my own.

    1. You really must!!! You will really love him Jayne!

  4. Must try getting hold of a Wendell Berry. Your rainbow yarn is so pretty. Must make the cleaning a little bit more fun/colourful.