Wednesday, April 26, 2017



Millie turned six this week and we had a little celebration one afternoon with friends for her birthday and for Rosie's four year old birthday (which is this Saturday!)  Millie is getting so big, beautiful, and wonderful!  As a gift, Lyddie made her sweet little coupons for "free" things - "15 minutes snuggling together," and "20 minutes reading together," and "you choose the tv show we watch" and "Give this card to Lyddie to have your bed made for you," and other things like that.  I had to laugh because she was so excited for Millie to open her present but once open, she kept reminding her, "You can use this ONE time," just to make sure she understood that it was a one time only thing.... until she changed her mind and said she could use each one twice.  Rosie gave her a piece of paper folded up with a pen inside.  My precious girls!  I wish this darling innocent joy in gift giving would stay for a very long time and that they will not become self-conscious about it all for a few years at least. 

Millie has always been so determined; if once she sets her mind on something, she will accomplish it and won't stop trying until she succeeds.  This is a wonderful thing (most of the time)!  Jumping rope is just one of these things, so we gave her a beautiful wooden-handled jumprope on her birthday.  My other favorite gift for her was a Matryoshka (Russian nesting) doll we picked out in beautiful blue.  Each doll is painted holding something different: a teapot, a tea cloth, a tea cup, etc.  I might steal it and keep it for myself, I love it so much.  

Happy birthday to my dearest Millie... the birthday pictures are still coming since Rosie hasn't had her turn yet!  Then I might sleep for a week after three-in-a-row birthday plans and preparations. 

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  1. happy birthday to miss M. She is beautiful!