Thursday, August 03, 2017


I am reading Miracles by Eric Metaxas this summer.  Before he launches into stories of miracles as most people think of them (miraculous healings and so forth) he spends time defining a miracle and laying out the miracle that life exists.  He details several incredibly specific requirements for the presence of life that scientists have been discovering in the past fifty years since the theory that life probably exists beyond our planet became widely popularized.  In short, at that time, it was thought that there were two main requirements for life to exist, so the likelihood that alien life exists was thought to be very probable.  Since then innumerable discoveries have come to light about what exactly makes Earth so incredibly unique and allows it to support life. I was stunned and in awe again at the perfect precision God had in designing creation.  
For instance, if the earth was even slightly bigger or smaller, gravity would be affected which in turn would affect our atmosphere and air.  With increased gravity,gaseous elements would settle on the surface of the earth which now dissipate into the atmosphere and other elements necessary for us to breathe would not stay close to the surface of the earth if gravity was decreased. 
He discusses the fabulous qualities of water that allow it to float when it freezes (thereby not killing water creatures by freezing at the bottom of bodies of water) because of its unique molecular structure.  He talks about the incredible uniqueness of our moon and tides in a solar system where most of the other planets have more and much smaller moons.  I'll stop there and will just recommend you read it.  As I look at the creation around me, these exquisite details stand out to me these days as a miracle. 
The way the harvest moon hangs low and large and red.  The lace of the dragonfly wing as it sways in the birch.  The laughter of my children as their lungs pump and their legs flash and run through the grass.  All of this is a miracle made possible by the perfect design of a good creator.  

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  1. sometimes it takes a book and an open heart to feel the everythingness of the world. The book sounds fantastic.