Saturday, May 05, 2018

one of a kind

MillieKay, MilMil, Milliebug, Amelia Kay.  Your personality is so big that you need several names to go along with it.  Seven.  You are seven!  As you like to remind me, just three more years until you turn ten (followed by peals of maniacal laughter since I always tease and say you're not allowed to talk about that yet.)  You are so creative and such an artist at everything you put your hand to.  You are graceful in ballet, and drawing seems to be a second language to you.  You have been adding regularly to your nature sketchbook all the beautiful finds you are making, like puffball mushrooms and lilac blossoms, and Southern Dogface butterflies.  

You begged to have your "own party" this year, not shared with your sister like we have always done.  I conceded that your other option was to invite three friends (plus sisters) to the trampoline park and then out to Dairy Queen.  I guess that was acceptable because we piled in your friends and jumped for an hour before getting chicken strips and ice cream at DQ.  At the trampoline park, I watched you run, giggling, playing Follow the Leader in a line with your friends along the trampoline floor and I was so happy that you have these friends in your life and I said a prayer for many years of happy memories together with them.  

You are one of a kind, my Millie girl, and I am so glad I get to be your mama.  Life with you has always been and, I am sure, always will be, an exciting adventure as you balance your enthusiasm with your sensitive spirit.  Love you bunches and bunches.

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