Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday's speculations

My mom has been using the weekend to overview her week and any interesting events that occurred. My theory is that the more I write about the mundane, the more like I am to write in general, so I may adopt the idea. First try begins now.

Last Sunday: We went to church and met my friend Amber there who is trying to raise support to go on full-time staff with Campus Crusade. She was meeting with the missions committee to share her story and ask them to consider helping her. After church, we headed out through backroads to Black Diamond Bakery to buy a couple donuts (and they sure make the best ones around - yum!!). Frankly, I can't remember what else we did that day!

Monday: Worked at my internship all day - busy day! I really like Mondays because I feel like a glean a lot from the gal who supervises me that day. Then I rushed home and cleaned house and made enchiladas for our friends Ray and Shelan who were coming over. After they left, we watched Heroes and then headed to bed somewhat early.

Tuesday: Internship again - another good day, this time down in Pierce County. Got home and made dinner and settled in to watch American Idol... such an exciting life I lead!

Wednesday: Internship, zipped over to church for the last of the family dinners they have on Wednesdays to eat with my dad and Jesse. Then we rushed back to our place and started cleaning before the evening masses arrived for Bible study. It was a really good night of sharing and prayer and some singing. When everyone left I was greatly encouraged by how the Lord is using our little group in each person's life. Haven't yet seen the Lost episode, but we'll get it on ITunes, maybe tonight.

Thursday: Last day at Children's Therapy Center for the week. It was a stressful day for a variety of reasons, but I made it through okay. Came home and had "Pita Pizzas" for dinner - cheese, hummus, artichoke hearts, capers, and ground turkey with a little cheese baked in the over and eaten like a pizza. They turned out really yummy and there were plenty of leftovers for lunch the next day!!

Friday: Observed at a hospital downtown Seattle (see my previous post) and then went out for dinner with my good friend Jessica Van Vleet and her family and boyfriend. We ate at The Rock Wood-Fired Pizza and Spirits and went home to watch Lorenzo's Oil, a movie with Susan Sarandon and Nick Nolte about their character's little boy who has a degenerative disease. It was made in 1992, so it's older but it was really well done and emotionally gripping. Definitely not a light-hearted little number, though!

Saturday: Put my car through emissions testing and then got our tabs renewed (so FUN!). Then we came home and cleaned cars and the house for most of the afternoon. Ate dinner (a roast we'd been smelling all day as it simmered in the crockpot) while watching Harry Potter #2, the Chamber of Secrets. It was good and pretty true to the book, which I had just finished the night before. I'm enjoying the books, definitely better than the movies, but overall the movies are fun and it's exciting to see the things in your imagination take life in such extraordinary ways.

This morning: hoping my cinnamon rolls will rise and cook before heading to church for Sunday School. I'm heading to a bridal shower for a friend from school this afternoon and then catching a little rest hopefully before starting the week all over again!

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