Thursday, May 24, 2007

Big Week in review...

I've been dying to have a chance to update with pictures but haven't really had time this week...

Last Friday night, Jesse and I went to the Kent Animal Shelter and picked out our own adorable kitten. We got to go back and pick him up last Saturday and he is a doll. It was quite an effort to decide on a name... we couldn't decide whether to go semi-sophisticated (Simon), super goofy (Rocky), or in-between... Meet Amos:

Isn't he so cute?! He's causing me heartache today, though, because he has a cold and a fever and he's just so pathetic. I will admit that I've cried over it, because I hate seeing people or animals suffer! We took him to the vet, and I think I did pretty well controlling him during the shots and the thermometer-up-the-behind event. But still.

The same Saturday, we went hiking at Rattlesnake Ledge with our two good friends, Ray and Shelan. The hike is short - 2 miles up and 2 miles back, but it's steep switchbacks the whole way. I need the workout, though, and the view at the top is absolutely worth it - a cliff that looks out over the valley in North Bend and then Mt. Si in the not-too-far-off distance.

On Sunday, we went to Tacoma for a minor league baseball game. It's the farm team for the Mariners, and given my husband's ever-increasing obsession with the game, he was a happy camper, despite the freezing temperature, wind, and drenching showers. We had front row seats right up the 1st baseline, but since it wasn't covered at the stadium, we sat in the back under the covered area most of the game. It was still fun, and the Rainiers (our team) was ahead when they called the game for rain in the 8th inning. We went with our friends Matt and Josh.

The rest of the week has been busy with work and playing with kitty and getting ready to go camping with the Bible Study group this weekend. I've been trying to organize the food aspect and we're all meeting together tomorrow evening to head down. It'll probably be dark when we're trying to set up our tents but what can you do? We didn't want to waste all of Saturday driving down to Maryhill State Park. I just hope traffic won't be too terrible and the weather really is nice like it's supposed to be!!

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  1. Great pictures sweetie! Don't worry, Amos will be up and terrorizing the apartment before you know it!
    Love: MOM