Saturday, May 19, 2007

Here we go again...!

Once again, my favorite time of the week! I stuck to my plan really well last week, and it really helped us not to be tempted to go eat out when I had such yummy new recipes to try. The apricot glazed pork was delicious!! As was the shrimp fried rice. I also let my Sweet and Spicy chicken marinate all day in a mixture of orange juice, honey, and Italian dressing mix, and it was so tender and flavorful coming off the grill!!
This week I'm trying some new recipes again that I found on the treasure trove of other blogs listed at Laura's host site.

Monday: Taco salad - we're having friends over for our Monday Night Dinner. It's a fun way to get out of making dinner at least one night a week. We rotate through with two other couples, so every three weeks we feed 2-4 extra people, but it's worth it to have those two weeks off from Monday meals!

Tuesday: Pizza pancakes (from last week! STILL haven't had a chance to try them! But tomorrow, I swear)

Wednesday: Cream of Sweet Potato Soup from Laura at Quotidian Mysteries

Thursday: leftover Cream Cheese Enchiladas that I froze last week along with a new recipe I found for Mexican Rice that looks yummy

Friday-Saturday-Sunday: We'll be camping with friends from our little Bible study. I'm planning meals for everyone, so we're going cheap and simple - eat out on the way there on Friday, grilled burgers one night (I guess that makes burgers twice this week... oh well) and spaghetti I'll make ahead for Sunday night.

Now I just have to go grocery shopping...sometime (yech). I wanted to try
Teriyaki Beef Burgers from Anne's Cafe this week but since we ate out Sunday, my whole meal plan got thrown off... guess I'll just have to put that one on for next week! :)

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  1. Hey Sarah - Consider yourself signed up as #1! In fact, once I figure out what I did wrong and get it all fixed, I'll just enter you, friend. ;) Yeah, I hope you win the book. My mom went through it last year, and she found it enormously helpful to her spiritual walk.

    (Sorry, this comment doesn't really fit on this post; your recipes do look marvelous!)