Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Good day...

Today was a really nice day. The weather was gorgeous - felt like July, really warm and sunny most of the day. I got home and made yummy shrimp fried rice and then Jesse and I went to a trail near our apartment to go for a walk. We desperately need to start working out...
Then we watched American Idol... dreading tomorrow when someone gets booted, since I really love all three left. I have a feeling it'll be Blake, but I almost want Jordin to go home, since I felt like Blake really nailed his songs tonight. Plus, there's probably a bit of local pride, since he's from the area here... I guess we'll just have to see tomorrow!
We're making a meal for a family at our church tomorrow, so we went to the store to pick up a few things we needed for it, and then we bought brownie mix (almost bought the low-fat brownie mix, but really, I don't think they mean for it to sell when you look at the picture. it looks totally dry and disgusting... so we went for regular brownies) and light ice cream as a yummy treat. I haven't bought ice cream or really any treats like that for weeks, so we're celebrating the approach of summer and warm weather-- even though June will probably again be 40 degrees and rainy.

Not sure what we'll fill the rest of the evening with except yummy food once the brownies are done! Maybe watch last night's episode of Heroes... then maybe I'll settle in with my current book Five Quarters of the Orange, by Joanne Harris. I really am enjoying it, but it's a little slow paced. Good night-time reading, since it helps me settle in for the night.


  1. Hey! So good of you to stop by my blog today (I'm writing this on Saturday - 5/19). I'll definitely make a point to swing on by your place too. That Menu Plan thing helps so much, doesn't it. Can't wait to check out your recipes. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Hello! Nice to see you at my blog! I think you will really enjoy the Peach Blackberry Cobbler- we thought it was great! I even used half whole-wheat flour. Healthy!

    It sounds like you keep pretty busy- you definitely need some brownies to keep your energy up!

    Have a wonderful day!