Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Menu Plan Monday (late...!)

We went camping over the weekend and didn't get back until late last night. Needless to say, putting together my meal plan wasn't a top priority last night. I'm still pretty wiped out but I want to get something down while I have a chance, so even though I haven't thought through it as much as I usually like to, here goes:

Tuesday: Black bean pizzas (from Laura at Organizing Junkie)

Wednesday: Turkey paninis with balsamic red peppers

Thursday: 40-clove garlic chicken (yes, it's time to try it this week, I think!)

Friday: Greek salad

Saturday: Honey-baked salmon and sweet potato fries

Sunday: Tortellini Salad, once again, from Laura

We'll see if I can stick to it... I guess it means I have to go grocery shopping this evening...! Fortunately for me, my husband has the day off, so he said he'd unpack and do the laundry that smells like campfire smoke. What a husband! Pictures from camping coming soon - it was a fun and beautiful trip!

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