Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday

So, I've wanted to participate in Tackle it Tuesday for a while now, since I see various folks doing it... since I don't have to be in Seattle until 5:30-ish, I thought I would tackle one of the HUGENORMOUS amount of cleaning/tidying projects that have been begging for attention that last few weeks. This morning I decided I would clean up our "study" (the second bedroom of the apartment that, when clean enough, we use for reading, computer use, and other such activities) and to take care of laundry.

Study project before-n-afters....

I can actually see my desk, get to my chair AND sit down. Such a triumph!
I vacuumed too.

This room always gets to be such a mess, so fast! It's our backup storage space, I suppose, since we don't have all that much storage in this little place. Our bikes probably should be out on the back patio, but the grill is out there, and I really wouldn't like to give up the grill just yet- summer is so nice when you have a grill on hot days! And don't you like how my little twit is enjoying the fruit of my labors? It's been at least an hour and he's STILL sleeping in that blue chair. :)
And the Laundry? (N.B. Laundry must always be capitalized because it is a character in my fairy tale as horrible and dreadful as the Wicked Queen). I not only had all of the laundry I washed over the weekend (about 4 loads), I didn't ever get to the white load, so my dear husband had no clean undershirts. This happens occasionally, and I feel so guilty that I should probably just buy him more undershirts, since he just doesn't have enough.
So: clean laundry waiting to be folded, and dirty laundry waiting to be washed...

...magically turned into this!

Not even noon and I've already had a quite productive day. I think I'll go read for a while. :)


  1. You did a great job! What a great and speedy Tackle It Project!


  2. WOW! you work fast! Great job! :)

  3. Hey honey---hop on over and give you big little brother a hand in unpacking his stuff in the middle of my living room! ;) Your room looks great and cozy.

  4. Wow! Big job, it looks great!

  5. wow that is wonderful, it looks like it will be much more comfortable to sit and blog from now, lol.