Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dear old poppa

Happy father's day to my daddy. It was a great day and I haven't been this stuffed since Thanksgiving. It was ridiculous the amount of food we had to choose from for dinner! It was nice to spend some good solid time with my family. I love my brothers - all 3, and all 3 were home today for at least part of the day. My brother Andrew, who's two years younger than me, just finished finals at school and came home this afternoon, just in time for dinner. One of life's greatest mysteries is how boys always know instinctively what time dinner will be served. We could have been eating dinner at 9:30 pm and he would have showed up at exactly 9:27. While I hate to step out of my bubble of perfection and admit that he drives me nuts sometimes, growing up with someone (a brother) allows both of you to know all the right buttons to push for each other. The weird thing is, half the time I think he's totally oblivious that he's pushing my buttons, whereas when I push his, it's pretty much always intentional. That's how low I am. At any rate, it is nice to see him, and I love him dearly, despite the huge personality differences lying between us.

Jesse and I played ball with my two youngest brothers, Sam and Austen:

And then dad opened gifts...

And we finished off with a nice picture of all of us "kids" with dad with Austen looking like he swallowed a bug...

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