Sunday, June 17, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

On time for once! I just got home from a fabulously huge and stuffing meal at my family's, so thinking about food is distressing. Our plan this week is a little meager since money is tight, but I do much better sticking to our plan if I've posted it, and we really need to stick to it this week; no eating out at all! Who knows why I feel accountable if I post it - it's not like someone is really holding me accountable to it, but it feels like someone out in the void is watching.

Sunday: Ohmygoshdelicious kabobs with my family, corn on the cob, potatoes, macaroni salad, and I made pathetic rhubarb-strawberry "soup" that for some reason just wouldn't firm up into a real pie. The only thing I can think of is that the strawberries were more frozen still than I thought. I was bummed, but everyone kindly said it was still good. Mush, but good. At least it was worth a laugh.

Monday: I'm starting my first real job tomorrow, so I'm thinking low-stress, since I'm sort of tired already. Probably baked potatoes with cheese, green onions, etc. Filling and not really in need of a side, although the thought of corn on the cob might be good. I might try to make bread if I get a chance, but we won't eat it with dinner, I'll make it in the evening as a relaxing activity while we watch a movie or something.

Tuesday: Rice and beans. Filling. Yummy. Red beans already cooked and in the freezer.

Wednesday: Cheesy Chicken over rice and fresh green beans with bacon as a side. For the recipe, see
here. One of my favorite meals that mom makes, and since the weather has been rainy and cold here, comfort food seems in order. Plus it makes enough to share with friends who might come to Bible study and not have had anything to eat first.

Thursday: Some sort of salad (ideas welcome) and some of that bread I mentioned earlier. If I can put beans in the salad somehow, it'll be a lot more filling, although I could put chicken in, we do have that!

Friday: On our way to Spokane to visit Jesse's family for the weekend- I'll probably make something up beforehand though. Chicken with white wine and lemon, which we were supposed to have last week, but when I'm on vacation, I'm just not into sticking to my meal plan. I want to think up some cheap snacks to take with us too - maybe I'll make some popcorn or something. We have lots of fruit, I bought produce at the local produce stand yesterday so we have lots of fresh food to eat.

I'd moan on about how hard it is to meal-plan when you're poor, but I don't want my mom to read and feel worried for our health. But see mama- I can meal plan on a super small budget - about 25 bucks this week, it's amazing. If I just did that on a weekly basis, we would have so much money to spare! Too bad I love good food so much. Too bad for our budget and too bad for my figure. :0)


  1. Great meal plan. Love your new word ohmygoshdelicious!! Have a wonderful week.

  2. Well, Sarah Jane, I AM reading your blog and I am worrying about you guys....Why don't you guys come over on Wednesday? Then you can save your Wed. meal for Thursday or something? You are doing a great job and I do have every confidence in your ability to budget and plan. But I have"been there, done that" more times than is comfortable and I just want to protect you--even though I know I can't and shouldn't! :)
    Love you--

  3. Great menu, and your mums is sooo sweet :)

    Have a good week :)

    Rachel xxx

  4. If I posted that and my mama read it she would be at the door with a bag of food! You better watch it or your mama will be too. (you mom is so sweet by the way)...
    We've all been there, done that I think. It's what makes you appreciate it when things get better but yet you will look back at the slim times as the best times of your life.
    My Life as Annie!

  5. Yes, we have "been there, done that" lots of times, too. Your menu plan DOES sound delicious!

    Sometimes the greatest ideas are born of necessity. Good work - and good luck at your first day at work tomorrow!

    Have a great week!

  6. good job at meal planning on a tight budget! we love doing loaded potatoes, salads topped with deli meat, cheese, and croutons, and of course mac n cheese with hot dogs. sometimes we'll just do grits and when I was pregnant we'd often just have cereal, for dinner! so it can be fun eating cheaply too! however, i do love good meals and i'm thankful that only SOMETIMES do we have these "cheap meals". Have a great week!