Saturday, June 02, 2007

Weekend Reflection

So, I realize that the weekend is really only half over and I have absolutely nothing interesting to post about the week before the weekend began... so I'll start with last night.

Last night we decided to have a date night at home, so we made dinner together (yummy honey-baked salmon, I should post the recipe!) and fried sweet potatoes... mmm... Then my DH thought it would be fun to bake dessert together, so after much ado, we decided to bake a coffee-chocolate cake with custard and walnuts and rum topping. It was delicious. We did have an adventure attempting to whip the egg whites... Jesse tried the blender, but added the sugar too soon, so they never really fluffed enough. The cake turned out delicious anyways, and we had fun with the camera while we were at it...

This morning we went to the Farmer's market in the University district, which was quite enjoyable. We went to get some fruit and came home with some sweet and ripe cherries and these:
Jesse's playing poker with some of his friends tonight, and I decided to just take the time to myself rather than call friends or family. I have brown bread about to go into the oven so we can have fresh-baked bread this week, another loaf of sourdough resting overnight so it can go in the oven tomorrow after church, and I went to the park and ate dinner by the lake while I read a magazine that came in the mail today. We had one of those weeks that were busy and we were around people alot, and when I wasn't with other people, I was always with Jesse. I don't need a lot of time all to myself, but I do find that I need about one night a month where I can just be alone and rest and do things I enjoy with no one around. It worked out nicely, and I'll be happy to see him when he comes home!
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  1. I remember those days... just me & matt. Thanks for your refection, it brought back some sweet memories. You two are just adorable.

  2. I agree sweetie--you guys are adorable and have a lifetime of love and sweetness before you. You are a good little wife---

  3. Anonymous2:20 PM

    How cute are you two? I could just puke! Just kidding! I cherish the time I had with my hubby before our baby came. But of course I would not trade him for anything. Enjoy the time you have together just the two of you. I hope you have a fabulous week this week. Thanks for participating!