Thursday, July 26, 2007

Camera Happy Thursday

So, I finally found the battery charger for the camera batteries, so I can once again take photos and post them on my blog. With this newly regained joy, I went a little overboard. Here's my Thursday... prepare yourself for the incredible uninteresting factor of my daily life.

Getting ready for school/work:Like the arsenal of drugs coming with me? I am feeling much better today, not just due to drugs but because I finally think I really am on the upswing. Hurrah! By the way, Delsyn or Delsym or whatever it is, is the miracle cough medicine. Mom bought it for me yesterday and it was worth every one of those $10. I have hardly coughed for the entire 12 hours the dosage covers. And the pink eye med is a homeopathic non-antibiotic that I think has really helped my eye clear up - it's now just pink and not watery and goopy. Check out QFC's pharmacy for that treasure.
I decided to drive to Seattle today instead of take the train and bus, since I only wanted to work a part day before going to class. I'm glad I did. But look at how yucky our July morning was here! The city is so beautiful, though, even with the cloud cover. Can you imagine working in one of the top floors of the skyscrapers and being IN the cloud? Crazy! (like the brake lights in front of me? COME ON people, I'm trying to take a PICTURE OF SEATTLE!! Can't you just keep moving for more than 5 seconds at a time!?)

Here's one of Safeco field, too, for Jesse's sake. Whenever we drive by it, he cranes his neck to see what's going on, even if it's not baseball season. This is usually accompanied by a shriek and much door clutching from my side of the front seat. He's a Mariner's nut.
This is the lovely 5:00 pm traffic home... rush hour in Seattle. Always a winner. I assure you, it's really not that enjoyable to try to merge into a lane filled with crazies who all at least have AIR CONDITIONED CARS. They could have a little mercy, if you ask me. By this time of the day, it was at least in the 80's and my clothes were fast becoming sweat-glued to my body inside my little navy blue Dodge Neon.

I decided not to attempt any more pictures. Snapping photos while driving probably isn't any better than text-messaging. It's okay, mom, I didn't hit anyone. :D
That was the first part of my day. The next part involved dinner. I made this delicious pasta dish that, thanks to my oven, which runs hotter than the temperature gauge says, takes less time than it's supposed to... (see Everday FOOD magazine from June)

First cut up some zucchini or summer squash or whatever the heck you want. It's supposed to have summer squash, but apparently that's not available here in the summer... at least not at the places I shop. Go figure. I substituted some green and yellow zucchini because it's pretty.

Put it on a baking sheet (foil makes for easy clean up) with a few little tomatoes. I cut them in half to make them stretch further.
Isn't that pretty?
Then slice up a red onion. Or half of a red onion. Half was just right for the two of us. Keep a hankie in the pocket of your apron (or jeans) if you cry when you slice onions-- is there a real solution to this issue? I've tried a few things and none of them work for me. So when I make dishes with onions, I come out of the kitchen looking like I was just watching Schindler's List or something...
Nice picture. You can sort of see my wedding ring at least. Today is officially our 11 month-iversary. I don't think my Hunk remembered (I think that's what I'll call him from now on. He'll hate it. But it's true)- oh, wait, I just asked "Do you know what today is?" and right away he turned around and said, "11 months of marriage" as though I was being silly to think he might have forgotten something so BLASTED important as being married for exactly 11 months. Not only is he a cute Hunk, he's smart and remembers important stuff too. Could I be any luckier?
Anyways. I digress. Dinner.
Add your onions to the smorgasbord and grab a head of garlic.
Dig out and peel a few cloves and then (this is a new trick I just figured out. I must have seen someone on the Food Network do it or something) smash it with your knife laid flat. It looks dangerous, like you might cut up your hand or something, and you might. But just be careful. Don't hit it too hard and whatever you do, do NOT turn the knife facing up. <> GROSS.
Next, run away from your maniacal husband who just wandered in the house from changing the oil in his car and tearing apart his driver's side door. You do NOT want those greasy hands anywhere near you!!
Throw this lovely mass into the oven. Pull out some potatoes that can be chopped and roasted for tomorrow night's dinner, since these veggies will have to roast for 20-25 minutes in a 450 oven. They don't have to turned or stirred or anything!
It was about this time that I got interrupted again by the Hunk, who was attempting (failing) to pour hydrogen peroxide on a scratch wound our kitten keeps clawing and licking at on his back. It's seriously nasty looking... we're trying to decide what to do... we might have to break down and take him to the vet. In the meantime, I walk in to the bathroom to find Amos clinging to Jesse's shoulder with big scared eyes and hydrogen peroxide fizzing like a mother on his back. It was terrible. I wanted to cry. I'm not good with animals in pain. I didn't grow up on a farm, and death is not a routine part of my life. So I was sad. I rushed back to my potatoes. I also boiled up some fusilli pasta. It looks like confetti (but not in this picture due to steam):

Then I picked some basil from our back porch. Yum.
Then it was time to pull the veggies out of the oven and mix them in with the pasta, basil, and parmesan cheese.

There wasn't any left over. Which never happens. Although I did save out some of the veggies for tomorrow night's Tuna Salad Nicoise. Yummy... roasted potatoes, onions, and tomatoes with a few zucchini on the side with olives and tuna and greens. It's good. I promise.

See? Confetti!!
Hm. I told you I went a little camera happy. "You" being the hypothetical person that might possibly read this whole really FASCINATING post.


  1. Love the pictures! LOL... I am doing a "day in the life" entry here soon... lol.. You have to love colorful food! Seriously!!

    I had to say - I loooove Seattle and WA.... My mom lives in Bremerton and my Dad in Silverdale, or lived in Silverdale and is Bremerton now too? Humm..

    Any you are a Speech Therp. in training?? If I understand that right, I give you major kudos!! I've had a preemie who needed ST .. and another that may... :) Parents appreciate you more then could ever be spoken (yes that was intended!)

  2. enjoyed your pictures.
    what would you like your signature to look like...

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