Thursday, July 26, 2007

Show and Tell Friday

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I've been cross-stitching since I was a wee lass... my mom has done it as far back as I can remember and she instilled the love early on. I have many completed projects piled in my closet, hence the wrinkles, but here's my collection...

Daisy Girl - one of my favorites. It's an even prettier design when seen for real.

This one took a good few years to finish. I think it might have come with me to India when it was brand new...

A girl with her kitten. The outline of the door in the background and the rug with the saucer on it was killer... so much off-white on off-white!
These cherubs didn't get eyes because I have never bothered to learn how to do a french knot. Oh well.
This snowman didn't get eyes either. Or a mouth. Eventually maybe I'll do that.
My sweet bonnet girl... I love the peace and simplicity of this piece. It makes me want to dry flowers.

I went through a bit of a Hummel phase with my cross-stitch, as you'll see below:

And below is one of the first ones I ever did. I think there were a few even more basic ones prior to this one... but this one makes me laugh. Especially when I remember how much trouble it gave me!!
There's my Show-and-Tell Friday... I am currently working on one Jesse gave me the stuff for for Christmast. It's called "Paradise Gate." I'm only about 1/3 of the way through, if that!! It's hard work!


  1. That's all cross-stitching??? Wow, I am deeply impressed! Very well done!

    I especially adore the little red bonnet girl, she's sooo sweet!

    Thanks for sharing and best wishes from Germany,

  2. I have done quite a bit of counted cross stitch but nothing like you have producted!!! Hours upon hours. I can't believe all that and you've never learned to do the French Knot!!!!

    Beautiful work and pieces. Thanks ffor showing them.

  3. Wow, that is a lot of work. They are lovely. I love the daisy girl one. Thank you for sharing.

  4. These are works of art! They are just beautiful. I never did any cross stitch that intricate! I especially adore daisy girl and the little girl with the kitty. These were so fun to see!

  5. What beautiful work...those are real treasures!

  6. What great patience and talent you have to create these...
    I really enjoyed your wedding photo in your sidebar, fun!
    Have you cross-stiched any Beatrix Potter animals?

  7. Wow! You do amazing work! I cross stitch some, though I can't see as well as I used too.

  8. You do a wonderful job. They were all wonderful, but I think my favorite is the Snowman. I love snowmen and the blue checks at the bottom just scream ME. =)

  9. Wow! Your cross-stitch pieces are true pieces of art...just beautiful! I especially love the daisy girl and the little bonnet sweet! Thank you for sharing with us!


  10. I love cross stitch. Beautiful work. I have one that is almost 10 years old (in the making) because I have Very Light Gray, Light Gray, White, Off's crazy to tell them all apart sometimes!

  11. What gorgeous work. I can only imagine the hours of work that went into each lovely piece :)

  12. Oh my -- how beautiful! What treasures!! Love the Daisy Girl and eyeless cherubs the best, I think, but they are all gorgeous.

    Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

  13. Beautiful work! I am totally impressed!

    Lana G!

  14. You do beautiful work~and a lot of it! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Cross stitch? ACK!!! I don't have the patience needed for that, but you certainly do...they are all wonderful! By the way, love the answer to the "random question" in your profile, Ariel!
    Enjoy your weekend! Cassie

  16. beautiful work. I kept thinking "oh that is my favorite" then I would see the next one and say the same thing, finally decided I loved them all.

  17. Beautiful work.

    Thanks for sharing and have a blessed weekend my friend.

    Hugs, Lyndy

  18. Very neat work! I have done a minimal amount of cross stitch and looking at all you shared here today made me think of the hours you have put into it. Your work looks very neat! Thanks for sharing. It made me want to pull out all my supplies and start something new! I haven't cross stitched since I was pregnant with my last baby, 10 years ago!

  19. You do gorgeous work -- I think the oval pictures of the girl is my favorite.

  20. Those are beautiful! I did cross-stitching for a while, but my eyesight is not that good anymore, and the really beautiful ones like yours are so intricate1

    Kudos to you for having the patience to do these adorable projects!

  21. Wow, those are all beautiful! I did some cross-stitch years ago, but nothing even close to how intricate and beautiful those are. I must admit, the snowman is my favorite. I have a "thing" for snowman, and it's a very serious thing! :)

    Great shots!