Sunday, July 29, 2007

Oh Harry!! (and Austen)

This was us a week ago: the neighborhood Borders where Jesse and I waited with my younger brothers for the much-heralded release of THE final book from 8 pm until we finally received our copy at 12:30 am. The one to end all wars and all that. Did you realize that the Harry Potter Goblet of Fire movie (number 4) grossed something like $863 million world-wide (according to this week's World magazine)?? Do you know how many student loans I could pay off for myself and other students with that much money?
I just jumped on the bandwagon this year and read books 1-6 between April and July 19. I read book 6 in the two days before the release of the Deathly Hallows. Ohhh baby and let me tell you - those hallows sure are deathly. It's an intense book, which is murdering my ability to sleep soundly. I have dreams of Voldemort every night these days. If that's not incentive to get it finished, I don't know what is- he's one of the most villainous villains I've ever read. ...creeps... Jesse and I are reading it aloud together (go ahead, chorus all together - "Aren't you guys SO cute?!?") so it's taking us a little longer - both those boys in the picture above finished it already.

Last night we watched Premonition [the one with Sandra Bullock] at my folks'. I was already all ramped up from reading Harry Potter on our way over there, and then we got in and I was just about jumping off the couch (literally) and burying my face in my sweatshirt every few seconds. Despite a few plot holes, it was good, though possibly a little too intense for me- which is crazy, because I love psychological thrillers. It made me think of Double Jeopardy with Ashley Judd. Austen, my 15 year old brother, loftily commented "I think it's more entertaining to watch you than the movie." Little turkey-he thinks he's all grown up now that he's taller than me, and is attempting join ranks with Jesse and my dad, both of whom mercilessly tease mom and I when we watch movies. Looking the turkey full in the face, I retorted "Well, kid, you sure are missing out. You just don't know what it's like to really experience movies." After a miniscule pause, I continued, laying the smack firmly down- "You're just too young to get it." To which he turned sputtering to the computer away from my smirk. I gotta love me some sister-brother love.

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  1. Cute story with your brother :) We rented Premonition too, and I kept putting a pillow in front of my face, afraid of what would happen next! We liked it though, and liked the plot. I really liked Double Jeopardy too. I hadn't thought about that one, but they were both good movies :)