Wednesday, August 01, 2007

In which I explain the nickname Stallion and gush about our anniversary

My husband, who is not-so-secretly dying for me to tell this story. He loves it when I write about him. But he has to pretend he doesn't. You know, that Manly Thing, the one where they're not supposed to be happy about being gushed about.

The Stallion

First: Jesse wants a nickname on my blog. I like the idea.

Second: I tease him at home by calling him "My Stallion," although for very different reasons than you might assume. A little over a year ago, we had a "couples" wedding shower at the church where he grew up, since I didn't really know many of the ladies and they all knew him. So lucky him, he was invited. He was thrilled - what man doesn't LOVE ladies events like wedding and baby showers?! ;) Like the good sport he is (read: on threat of his life) he came along and supported me in the midst of his Sunday school teachers, Vacation Bible school teachers, co-workers growing up, and even a few of his guy friends.

Unbeknownst to me, one of his chums compiled some snippets of adventure movies they had all written, directed, acted in, and filmed in their goofy teenage years.

Also unbeknownst to me, there was a clip of my dear 15-yr-old fiance playing a role as a Russian spy. By the time this clip came on, he was virtually writhing in his seat. He was pink - no, he was cherry-tomato red. Realizing his impending doom, he yelped "No!" moments before the screen showed a teenage Jesse began relating his Russian relationship woes in what might possibly be the worst Russian accent ever.

This is what he said, wearing a furry Eskimo cap and tromping through the forest.
Ze sad zing is, ze girl I think about ze most is a sophomore een college. She called me Her Stallion.
At which point, everyone screamed with laughter, especially since Jesse promotes an image of himself as lofty and high-minded; literate, poetic, kind, quiet.
Then, all eyes turned toward us, both our faces flushed with embarassment. I was already in a state of discomfort being the center of attention with a gaggle of people I didn't know.

He has yet to live it down, both at home, with his family, and at the church.
On a different, perhaps more exciting note, our first anniversary is rapidly approaching (the 26th) and I couldn't be more excited. Originally we thought we'd only be able to afford an evening out to dinner, and that would have been okay. But my Stallion (haha) knew I really wanted to get out of town to celebrate our anniversary and exult in my graduation. And since we're on the upswing financially now that we're both able to work a little bit more, he announced that he is taking me to the Coeur D'Alene resort in Idaho for our anniversary weekend. Isn't it beautiful? And the thing is, it really is that beautiful there. The colors, while maybe touched up in the photo, really are that vibrant. North Idaho is just gorgeous. To top it off, we're going over near that area for his sister's wedding the weekend before. We decided that instead of driving all the way home and all the way back 5 days later - which is about 20 hours total - we'll just stay with his family for the week, a much needed break for both of us, and then head to Idaho for the weekend before traveling back home. I had already planned to take 2 weeks off before starting full-time at the therapy center, so I'll still have another week off when we get back.

It's the only thing fueling my completion of the next few weeks of class and work. I can't wait.
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  1. That was a great stallion funny! I hope you two have a wonderful 1st anniversary!!!
    Thank you for visiting my Open's always great to hear from others who love Sonlight. :0)


  2. Hello Sarah,
    I saw your comment over at Laura's and wanted to come say hi! I loved your stallion story--so funny. I am not married to the poetic quiet type--so mine is always doing stuff that makes me---not him--turn red. I have a friend that blogs and she is a speech therapist--she loves it-she's also my real life friend. She's on my sidebar under Grace and Hope--maybe you've seen her before. Oh--and I used to live in Spokane--I love Couer D'Alene--how I would love to go back some day! Happy 1st anniversary.

  3. Hi Sarah! Thanks for visiting on my blog! Congrats on your anniversary and graduation(coming up)!:) I know you are so excited about graduating!! I work in a hospital in our town and work with kids/adults, outpatient/inpatient. I really like it because it gives me some variety!!

    The resort looks so nice! I've never heard about it but I'm going to look it up now! You will have the best time!

  4. Aww, that's a cute story and I love the nickname! :) Hope you have a great few weeks, and you can rest and relax and enjoy your anniversary and anniversary trip. That place looks awesome! :)

  5. That story is way too funny--yes he totally deserves the nickname!