Monday, August 06, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Here's my plan... see if I can stick to it!! It's a weird week, so we'll see...

Sunday: Last night we had spicy shrimp - from Ree the Pioneer Woman's directions. Jesse was in heaven- he asked if we could have it every night for the rest of his life. I reminded him of all the other foods he would miss out on (like my "famous" rosemary scalloped potatoes and one his favorite salads) but he wasn't convinced.

They were mighty good.

Monday: Who knows? Picking my parents up from the airport and running errands will probably mean eating out... (I just hate it when we "have to" eat out!)

Tuesday: Taco salad

Wednesday: I have a meeting in Seattle, so I think my Stallion :O) will have to fend for himself... I might make Gazpacho Pasta Salad in advance for him because I love him that much.

Thursday: Black bean pizza (carryover from last week)

Friday: Sesame chicken strips found through my mom's blog

Saturday: burgers

Sunday: Skillet Chicken risotto even though she didn't review it very favorably, I think I'll add some spices to give it more flavor... I think it sounds yummy...


  1. yum--what a delicious week you have planned. Have a wonderful Monday.

  2. Yummy, that all looks really good Sarah! Those shrimp look wonderful, I need to try them sometime. Be sure to let us know, if you have time, how the others worked out for you :)

    Have a wonderful day and a terrific week!!!

  3. Sarah, your meals always look so good! You're such a good wife.... *sigh*. :>)
    I think we are going to be in Idaho at the same time so hopefully we'll be able to get together!

  4. I am glad to hear a review of the shrimp, I saw it on PW's website and thought it looked good too.
    Looks like a yummy week in your home.

  5. Ree definitely has some terrific recipes... I need to try that shrimp soon!