Thursday, August 30, 2007

Home again, home again, jiggety jig

Well, it's been a heck of a few weeks... We're finally home and guest-free. We got home Monday night and visited with my family that evening, spent all day Tuesday in a mad dash to clean the house and restock our oh-so-bare cupboards, since Jesse's newly married sister and her newly attached husband were planning to visit us Tuesday on their drive home from their honeymoon. We wandered around town all Wednesday morning with them antique-ing and eating before they left around 3:30. At 3:00 one of my dear friends delicately invited herself to dinner before the other 9 members of our Bible study showed up at 7. I was exhausted, but delighted to feed (I love feeding people. Feeding my husband -and eating- Good Food is quite possibly 2nd in the list of Things I Do That I Love Doing.). Then my youngest brothers came over for lunch and some pool-time all afternoon today. I think I should win Entertainer of the Year.
Last night, one of thefew married couples we are friends with invited us to come away with them for this weekend (starting tomorrow) but Jesse gently declined, or would have, if his return phone call hadn't been "Hi." "Hi. Yes or no?" "So you know why I'm calling, then?" "Yes. Just yes or no." "We're going to have to say no." "Okay, bye." I had envisioned this conversation going more like "We really wish we could go, if it was any other weekend, we would jump at the chance, but we just got back from 10 days away, have either been cleaning or had guests literally since we got back, and we both start work again the day after you are coming home. But we'd love to have you over for dinner next week." Apparently, in the world of men, conversations don't always occur as planned.

Our trip was wonderful, busy, restful, exciting, peaceful, and Holly's wedding was beautiful. We did have some adventures and took some marvelous photos during our time away, but Jesse is hogging the computer where they are stored so those will have to be another time. Especially poignant is the story I like to call "The Night of Hell". The setting? The Coeur D'Alene Resort on the weekend of our first anniversary (remember how excited I was to stay there? In truth, I spent the night crying my eyes out). I know you'll be waiting with bated breath.
For now, adieu. I want my pictures!!!

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  1. So glad you're home and hope you get a chance to rest, catch up and maybe get into some kind of routine. You guys have been soooo busy :)

    Uh oh, I want to hear about the bad night, but I'm worried what it might be. Hope it wasn't too bad, hate to hear that you "cried your eyes out" ... that does not bode well for the next blog post.

    Have a great day!