Saturday, September 22, 2007

Menu Plan Saturday

I disappeared for a while because life has been incredibly busy - I haven't spent much time online at all since I started working full time. We're having Bible study at our home once a week still, I'm about to join Weight Watchers, and trying to fit in friends and family in the autumn (a particularly birthday/anniversary filled time of the year for us) has been exciting! It has meant cutting back on online time though...

I need to start doing my menu plan over the weekend because I am just not with it enough right now to go try to shop during the week when we have plans most evenings. (And the evenings we don't, I want to VEG!) So here goes.

L - leftover Manhattan Clam Chowder from Betty Crocker (yum! and only 3 WW points for a whole lot of it! I used turkey bacon instead of regular bacon and I couldn't tell since it was just the salty flavor it added that was yummy)
D - Attending a wedding where dinner will be served!

D- Low-fat 7-layer salad from good old Betty again! with roasted red potatoes

D- Black Bean Tostadas (and other options for Tostadas here) and Mexican rice

Fasta Pasta --made over version - only 4 WW points), garlic sunflower seed bread


Hoisin Salmon and roasted sweet potato strips

Baked Potato Soup (3 WW points) - Note to self: reviewers recommended decreasing the amount of pepper and adding garlic and herbs to increase flavor
Green salad with apples and walnuts

Ideas for Breakfast and lunch this week--
Bagel with veggie cream cheese
Cottage cheese with fresh diced peaches
Oatmeal with raisins and honey
Lean Cuisine
Angel hair and fresh veggie soup (1 WW point) with muffin

There. Now I can put together my shopping list and continue with my productive Saturday. Getting up early on your day off is kind of nice sometimes...! I feel ready to tackle some desperately-needful projects!

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  1. Glad to get an update, Sarah and to see your menu! It all looks really good and healthy too :) Are the Betty Crocker ones from a special cookbook or the regular ole BC cookbook?

    You sound incredibly busy - have fun and get some rest too :)