Thursday, November 01, 2007

30 days of homemade gifts and other tidbits

I found the link to Beth's blog from my mom's blog and am so excited about this! I love making homemade gifts but am never creative enough to come up with very good and interesting ideas. The first craft was today - aprons. Beth posted a variety of apron patterns and fabric ideas. It looks like fun - I might think about making an apron for someone, only no one I know really wears aprons but me...
Tomorrow is pincushions and pins. Should be fun! :)

TOMORROW IS FRIDAY! (by the way)- and tonight's episodes of The Office and Scrubs were hilarious. One of my favorite quotes: "I'm gonna be a bluncle!"

Our Halloween was uneventful; we went to the library and browsed/read for a while and then headed to Walmart and picked up a few things I wanted for work and a new skirt:

I'm enjoying Funny in Farsi but it's not as fast a read as I thought it would be - probably because I haven't been making time to read. There's always so much else to do - dishes to do, laundry to fold...
This weekend is our church's missions conference, which we're planning to attend. There are things going on tomorrow night, morning and afternoon Saturday, and Sunday morning service and class.

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