Sunday, December 30, 2007


Christmas is over. We had a lovely time in Spokane with Jesse's family. We made gingerbread houses with both sides of the family which was so fun! We spent the Saturday evening before Christmas with my family doing houses, exchanging gifts, and eating dinner.
Kent Gingerbread night
Sam - brother age 12

My dearling Jesse and his too-perfect house
Dinner before gingerbread - Jesse and brother Austen, age 15 (yikeS! He'll be driving soon!)

The mess following six gingerbread house creations:

Spokane Gingerbread
Holly, my precious sister-in-law and her adorable house. At this point she still had a whole bare wall and what she called a "redneck yard" - filled with candy "junk"

Jami and her boyfriend Anthony - Jami wanted to make their house all black but I think Anthony vetoed the idea... they made an adorable igloo that you can see on the bottom right
Christmas Eve
Jesse's sister and brother - Jami and Andrew
Caleb, Mark, and Jami on Christmas morningMy mom-in-law, Becky:
doing what she has to do most of the time with five kids, cleaning up after everyone...
Jesse's family lives up on a mountain and by the time we left there was probably almost a foot of snow accumulated. It snowed all Christmas night! It was just beautiful...

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  1. You guys are so adorable! Looks like you had a great Christmas on the mountain.... :>)