Tuesday, January 01, 2008

First 2008 meal plan!

I have two new cookbooks, so I'm experimenting with some new recipes this week. One book is called Homegrown: Pure and Simple by Michel Nischan. Some of the recipes might be too fancy for an everyday meal, but I really like that he uses locally grown produce to create his recipes. I can't necessarily buy everything locally in the winter since the farmer's markets all close down, but eventually I want to have a big garden and be able to store things grown during the year. We'll see...
The other book is the Everyday FOOD cookbook with a collection of recipes from the little magazine I buy faithfully. This book, however, doesn't overlap with the magazines I have, so I'm assuming these are recipes earlier than this last year. All the recipes I'm using this week are from these two books.

Tuesday - New YEARS! We've planned a dinner out for the young adult ministry we lead at our church. We'll be eating at the Zephyr Grill, which has delicious food... and we'll be dressing up in semi-formal wear for fun! I'm excited. I think we have between 10-13 coming!

Wednesday: Dry rubbed salmon and cranberry sauce

Thursday: Lentil soup and homemade bread (I made a delicious nutty loaf from Nigella Lawson's Domestic Goddess book... The Norwegian Mountain Loaf. It was amazing! It has sunflower seeds and wheat germ, and I added some flax seed. It's salty and dense and delicious. I wouldn't use it for a sandwich, but it is amazing with a little butter and dipped in a soup)

Friday: Baked ravioli

Saturday: Roast chicken and glazed pearl onions

Sunday: Lunch at church with the young adult ministry again- we're doing a spaghetti feed so we might not be too hungry when dinner rolls around. We'll probably do breakfast for dinner

Monday: Pasta with lentils...

That's all for now! I'm trying to keep up with the house these days, we did a whole bunch of cleaning and throwing out after Christmas, so one of my resolutions for the new year is to keep our litle place [mostly] clutter-free, tidy, and welcoming...

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