Monday, January 14, 2008

Menu Plan 1-14-08

I was proud of myself last week for pretty much being creative all week and making many of my own recipes up in order to use up some extra produce and meat. I stretched the week before into some of last week's meals as well. We ended up having salmon with lentils instead of the dry rub because it was supposed to sit in the rub for an hour or more, which really doesn't work on days that I have to work. We wouldn't end up eating til the middle of the night. We ate a lot of lentils last week- the lentil soup was delicious and almost a little sweet. Yum! I was also proud of myself because I made a cornish game hen, which was a big step out for me. It was delicious as well, and not too much work. The same night I made a fancy dish with apples, onions, and pears baked in the oven, and while it was really good, it was way too much work to try again.

This week's groceries (which included a few extra goodies) amounted to just over $60, right in our food budget. I bought a lot of produce, including a big box of salad greens so we eat more salad - we're way more likely to eat healthy if I just acknowledge that I need a few shortcuts here and there. :)

Sunday: We had a couple bachelor friends over for real food - beef stew, french bread, cranberry sauce, and fresh green beans from the Pike Place Market. The beef stew was MOUTH-watering - it had a little red wine in it and the beef was incredible tender. I used this recipe from taste of home light n tasty.

Monday: Salmon burgers with yogurt dill sauce (7 points) and a simple salad from this month's issue of Everyday Food. I actually didn't like it, but Jesse did. It tasted sort of... too lemony to me.

Tuesday: Brown rice bowl with shrimp, peas, and avocado, also from this month's Everyday Food (9 points) and homemade applesauce

Wednesday: Church supper! No cooking for me!

Thursday: Chicken noodle soup from Better Homes and Gardens (3 points) with apple cheddar muffins (no clue what the nutritional value is... but they sure look delicious)

Friday: Pepperoni pizza with Crystal's dough recipe from Biblical Womanhood

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