Sunday, December 02, 2007

Menu plan dec 3

What a boring blog I have these days! I'm back to posting just my meal plan this week. The holiday season is so busy with us with lots of different family/friend events. On top of the bustle, I'm doing my best to fight feeling a little down since we won't be in our cozy little home with our tree and decorations the whole week of Christmas... we're spending the holiday with Jesse's family for the first time, and I know it will be fun, but I also know I will miss my family and my own little home. It almost makes it feel like it was pointless to put up a tree since we'll be gone the week of... but I'm trying to stick my chin out and "buck up" - I know Jesse's really excited to be with his family for Christmas this year and it's time for me to not be selfish.

Last week I improvised meals a little bit, so I have a few carryover ideas this week. Jesse insisted on making clam chowder Saturday when we decorated our tree together (not that I objected to one of my favorite meals!!) and there was lots left over from that too. I continue to put my eggplant recipe on the list, but each week I don't make it early enough in the week and the eggplant ends up going bad by the middle/end of the week. I think it gets too cold in the refrigerator, but I don't know how else to store it. So we're having it early this week since he keeps asking for it and I keep failing him...

Monday: Leftover clam chowder with muffins

Tuesday: Balsamic Eggplant Parmesan and rolls- another carryover. I will make this dish for my husband this week- it's all he's requesting!!

Wednesday: Church Supper- no cooking required! :-D

Thursday: Baked potato soup and salad

Friday: Peanut broccoli and beef (recipe to come) from WW cookbook with white rice. I'll also be making cookies to take to the Ladies Christmas tea at church

Saturday: White Elephant party at a friend's house- since it starts early afternoon, I'm assuming they're providing dinner...

Sunday: Slow-cooker WW chili and cornbread (carryover from last week)

Eggs, homemade granola, yogurt, and oatmeal for breakfasts
Leftovers, sandwiches, and Campbell's Soup to Go for lunches
popcorn, chex mix, fruit, applesauce, and baked squash for snacks

That'll do for now! Hopefully we can stick to it! For more meal plans, visit Laura at


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