Saturday, February 16, 2008

Meal Plan for 2-17-08

First up: the week in review. The blackberry cobbler from PW was delicious and easy to make. the picture above was from her but my mine looked just like only in a red dish. I had so many compliments on it at Bible study. I even just served it with a dollop of plain-jane cool whip, which complimented it perfectly. Then (shh... don't tell my mom) I had a little bit for breakfast yesterday with a bit of milk. Mmmm- stunningly good breakfast food. Since it's sort of cake-y, it was a lot like a coffee cake or pastry.
The BBQ ribs might be one of the best meals I've ever made. The recipe is at my I'll post the recipe at the bottom of this post. They were sweet and just fell right off the bone since they sat in the crockpot for 9 hours while I was at work. The house smelled pretty amazing too. Sadly, I may have to hold off on repeating them again very soon, since Jesse came down with the stomach flu early the next morning. :-X

Up this week... the days with a (*) are days I am trying a new recipe. I want to make sure to go back weekly and record my thoughts on the dish in case I make it again. For example, with the ribs I made last week, I noted to myself that I should make the BBQ sauce up the night before... that kind of stuff.

Sunday-Monday: We're going to Bellingham, as I said in my last post. This means no cooking... but I make up for it the rest of the week since my mother-in-law and two brothers-in-law are coming to visit for a few days.

Tuesday: Homemade chicken noodle soup and biscuits - easy and quick, filling and yummy. Jesse doesn't even like chicken noodle soup generally but does love this meal.

Wednesday: Adrienne's Ranch Roast - one of my favorites, and we haven't had it in a while. I think I'll do some roasted small potatoes, a combination of red and yellow - in garlic, oil, and parmesan. And maybe a salad. That should feed 5, I think.
For Bible study dessert, I'm going to make my Grandma Ruby's banana bread. This isn't just any banana bread - it has chocolate chips, and maraschino cherries embedded in the sweet goodness. I don't even like bananas much but I could eat loaves of this stuff. I'll eventually post the recipe.

*Thursday: Quesadillas (a carryover from this last week)

Friday: Ahi tuna steaks with a hoisin marinade (I'll probably make it up as we go) and raisin-walnut sweet potato foil packets all cooked by my man on the grill.

*Saturday: Baked ravioli from the Everyday FOOD cookbook, pg. 313 and green beans

*Sunday: Turkey Cobb salad, again from Everyday FOOD, pg. 36 and homemade applesauce

BREAKFASTS: homemade granola, yogurt, toast, eggs, leftover applesauce
LUNCHES: sandwiches, chips, fruit, leftovers, frozen meal for me at work
Here we come, week!

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  1. Yum! I can't wait to eat all that good stuff!