Sunday, February 10, 2008

Menu Plan 2-10-08


Now that the trauma of moving suddenly and being sick is over and our internet is connected in the new place, I'm trying to get back into the swing of good housekeeping. The dishes are finally all in the dishwasher and laundry is (or at least, was) going in the washer/dryer. Jesse did an excellent job taking care of the house while I was down this week but it's not quite the same as doing it myself. :)
That said, I'm going to bravely forge ahead with my meal plan and grocery shopping tonight so I don't get to Tuesday and then all we have left is food for lentil soup. Which we would then eat the rest of the week. I like lentil soup, but I can only handle it occasionally and preferably not when recovering from the stomach flu.

Monday: Cayenne rubbed chicken with avocado salsa (from the Jan/Feb Everyday FOOD mag)

Tuesday: Baked potato soup and green beans (Side note: Jesse proposed this night 3 years ago. I wonder if I've ever told that story here. It's a good story.)

Wednesday: Church supper! Mystery dinner night... I never know what we're having until we show up. This is also Bible study night and my goal this year is to plan ahead to make a dessert on Tuesday for Wednesday since I go from work to church, and then home to a house already filled with members of our Bible study. This week: Blackberry cobbler. I'll make it Tuesday night and have Jesse toss it in a warm oven before Bible study... I hope it turns out okay!

Thursday: BBQ ribs from (sorry, the link didn't work) and roasted red potatoes. Oh, wow, that happens to be Valentine's day too. Good thing I planned a fun meal for that night since we're celebrating by going out of town this weekend. But if we just sit at home the night of a holiday with nothing to mark the holiday, I feel weird. Like a traitor. Even though it is one the lamest holidays of the year. Enough said.

Friday: Salmon and sweet potato fries on the grill

Saturday: Quesadillas (for a fun post on quesadillas, check out this post by Ree the Pioneer Woman. I was inspired. In my past, quesadillas have always been tortillas with cheese in the middle and thrown in the microwave for 45 seconds. I'm stepping it up this week.)

Sunday and Monday we're going out of town for the night so we'll be eating at The Boundary Bay Brewery in Bellingham which is exciting! I haven't visited there much since we graduated from the area, so we're trying to pack a bunch of fun things into a short amount of time.

Breakfasts: granola, cereal, toast, eggs, yogurt

Lunches: Leftovers when they're available, Soup at Hand, sandwiches, crackers, apples, salads

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