Sunday, April 27, 2008

My once a week post

Well, it's Saturday again. It is a quiet night after a humid afternoon and evening of rain showers. A frog outside our window is chirruping with all his strength, and my little Chloe kitten, is sleeping on my shoulder as I lounge in bed writing. Her purrs vibrate against my cheek and fill me with peace. It is a good night.

I have been reading blogs of friends, and am impressed with their multitude of posts in one week. I really am, at best, a weekly blogger. I need to accept it and move on, instead of always feeling regretful about my sparse posts. Maybe if I were a stay at home mom, or if I just worked during the day and spent most evenings lounging... then, maybe, I could get more than one post written a week. For now (and probably for always) once a week is about all I can do with all of the things we are involved in. One of the things I think I will appreciate about this blog is being able to look back and see what our life has looked like over time. What do I do with all those non-blogging hours?

This week was admittedly hectic. We haven't even had a spare hour to watch the American Idol results show we taped, or our other favorite, Beauty and the Geek! I keep asking Jesse if we can make time for it, but something more important always comes up. Which is fine, but it just means we don't have a lot of "down" time.
I am now working four 9-hour days so that I can get off work on Fridays around 1:00. This started this week, and I really enjoyed the afternoon off.

Wednesdays are always crazy. This week I scrambled home from work, scarfed down food, and ran back out the door to church where I accompanied the children's choir rehearsals. Home again to a houseful of people for Bible study. We studied Romans 9, a controversial passage given the focus on election and effectual calling. I was praying all day for God to bring to us the people who would benefit from the discussion and keep away any that, for some reason, shouldn't be there. Interestingly, it was a slightly smaller group than usual, and the discussion was wonderful. I think this was a God's grace to us. Jesse and I feel that God is really at work in our little group. We (or maybe just I) have questioned from time to time whether Romans was a good thing for us to tackle all together, but the Lord has repeatedly answered my impudence by faithfully guiding the conversations to be unifying in spite of disagreements. It has been a tremendous blessing.
Thursday night I worked for a while on knitting a pair of socks for Jesse in beautiful Mariners' colors while at work for "Craft Night" which two other ladies and I organize each month. I'll try to remember to post a picture of them when I'm finished. I do love knitting socks, but I am getting ready to move on to a different kind of project when these are done. I'm thinking about knitting/felting a little bag to carry my knitting after this. I love to knit - it's relaxing, peaceful, can be done while watching TV (or at a baseball game where my hands get tired of sitting for 3 hours!), and makes me feel productive and creative. It's amazing to me that a long string of yarn and a couple of needles can become something as pretty and functional as a homemade sock!
On Friday, Jesse and I set aside a little time to spend together - alone. Imagine that! We went to dinner at this little Greek restaurant nearby named "Spiros." I had been there once before and was so impressed with the personality of the place. The decorations have a Mediterranean flair and warmth, so it feels summery even on a cool evening. Jesse was embarrassed by the belly dancer, so I don't know if we'll go back on a Friday night again. After dinner, we saw the new movie "Baby Mama," which I've been looking forward to. It lived up to my hopes - it was laugh-out-loud funny in many parts and just an enjoyable date movie.
Yesterday we headed out a little before lunch to head to the Seattle Farmer's Market and spent a bit of time wandering and picking up our produce for the week. We ate lunch in a little shopping center near the market and spent the rest of the afternoon browsing in Barnes and Noble, where Jesse made use of his birthday gift from my family - a gift card! Then we headed to the Mariner's game, where we were meeting a friend. After the game (we won!) we went out for dinner, making a little bit of a pricey Saturday- but we don't have weekends like THAT very often! We crashed into bed as soon as we got home since we both had responsibilities at church this morning. We spent the rest of the day running around for multiple reasons. Before we got home, Jesse invited our good friend Josh over since they hadn't spent time together for a while. Leaving me a little time to blog and cuddle Chloe. But still no time to watch American Idol :( Maybe tomorrow.

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  1. Don't count on getting MORE time to blog when you are a stay at home mom! :>)
    I only get time to post about once a week as well. Good enough, keeps everyone updated!

  2. You've been blogging longer than me, and I think you have at least remained more consistent.