Sunday, April 20, 2008

2 week review

Jesse and I are getting ready to spend some time reading the Bible and praying together, so I need to make this snappy, but I've wanted to sit and blog a bit all weekend. No time!

The day after I cut my hair, we headed over to Yakima to spend some time on the Yakama Indian Reservation. The Granberrys (I like to think of them as the Granberries, hehe) are a family over there on the other side of the mountains who moved there 5 years ago and started a ministry called Sacred Road. They are currently planting a church (affiliated with the PCA) and have teams from churches/colleges come in for a few weeks during spring break and then each week during the summer to do service on the reservation and run Kid's Club in Totus Park, one of the projects in the town of White Swan. It was a pretty phenomenal week and here are some pictures:

Painting benches for the longhouse - this was one of the 4-5 worksites we had going during the week. It was HOT this day, although you wouldn't guess by my purple sweatshirt!

Meet Chloe: I spent most afternoons turning a jumprope for her and a bunch of other girls.

Totus Park - a couple kids from Kid's Club- most days it seemed we had between 30-50 kids come play and then sit for a snack and Bible story. This is an especially important time because it gives the team an opportunity to really interact with kids and teens from the community and the hope is that then members of the team will go home and specifically pray for at least one family. Prayer is the power that makes the changes - much more than the two hours each afternoon loving on these attention-starved (and in many cases, abused) children.

Jesse's marble-buddy Lonzel (Jesse brought marbles the last day for his marble playing friends)

And we came home with a new baby: meet our Chloe. She was one of 4 kittens the Granberrys were trying to give away, and we fell in love with her. She is cuddly, cozy, soft, purring and adorable. She fits right in here - and Amos (our 1-year old terror cat) has mellowed considerably by having a playmate during the day, it seems. Hooray!

Lastly, this past Saturday, I hosted a young-ladies tea, which was a smashing success, if I do say so myself. Goodies galore, crafting (we made sachets) and wonderful fellowship. I'm exhausted now from running all weekend, but it was worthwhile to have the time all together.

Jesse's been waiting (sort of) patiently so I will sign off and go spend some time with him before hitting the hay! It's the start of a brand new week... and I hope it's a good one...

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