Saturday, October 25, 2008

Weekend joys

I love the weekends so much lately since Jesse is here with me. We have been trying to be really intentional about using that time with each other to refresh and get ready for the long weeks but are willing to be flexible and spend time with others too, since that's so important to us.

Last night we got a phone call from a dear friend who was upset because the family had all just rushed her sister to the hospital. The sister (also a friend of ours) has had health problem after health problem and was having symptoms presumably related to the autoimmune disease(s) she has been diagnosed with. We had been going back and forth about trying to make plans or just staying home when we got the call and decided to drive to the hospital and sit with the family for a while. I'm really glad we did, I think it meant a lot to that friend who called us and it's important for the body of Christ to be with each other during times of fun and joy as well as grief and pain. I got an update today, and the sister is being kept in the hospital until Wednesday to see if they can bring her closer to normal and then they will decide what to do. Please pray for this family, as they are facing numerous medical and life struggles right now.

Today we had a really lazy day with some minimal attempts at organizing and tidying up the house. These attempts were actually quite half-hearted and the house probably looks worse now than it did earlier! I did accomplish my meal plan for the week and will try to post it on my little food blog as well. We did some errands and got a jump start on some Christmas shopping. I also started planning the details for our 4th annual pumpkin party we're hosting this coming Friday (halloween). I'm still puzzling over what to dress up as on Halloween.

Jesse has planned something for us to do tonight but isn't telling me. I have no idea what it is, but I'm excited to find out!

We went out on a walk this afternoon and gathered leaves and crabapples and pinecones. I made a little jar of our treasures and I'm trying to decide what to do with all the beautiful leaves we found. I think I might press them and then make some cards. The air was so crisp and cool this afternoon and it was good to slow down and get outside and really notice the seasonal changes.

I've been busy in the kitchen lately and I think I'll try some bread making this week out of a bread recipe book I got at the library this week. If it's good, I'll comment over on my other blog. Every fall I get back in the mood for housekeeping, baking, cooking, reading, and being generally productive. With Christmas only about 9 weeks away already, I have decided to get busy and not be rushing at the last minute. (Or I'll still be rushing but maybe the important things will be accomplished for the most part)

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  1. Sarah,

    It's good to hear your joy again. I've been thinking about you lately, and praying for you--it's encouraging to know you're being encouraged, especially during this crazy period of your lives. I love you both, and I'm so glad you married my brother. :)

    Happy Birthday, by the way. I know I missed it by a long shot. (Someday I'll get these all on the calendar and try to actually put cards in the mail. :)

    Love, holly