Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election night?

I guess today was the election. I voted for the first time this year and I think I might not do it again because Washington/Seattle is a crappy place to live and be at least somewhat conservative. Every single initiative that I actually cared about went the opposite way I voted. For example Initiative 1000, the assisted suicide one, is passing. The initiative requiring increased training for home health care providers (making it even MORE difficult for families to find people to help care for individuals with fragile health) is passing. The gubernatorial race is failing with Christine Gregoire leading again after a ridiculous term in office already. I'm especially down about the health care one, since I know how difficult it already is for families I know to get help - it is frustrating to me!
I guess the only good thing is that SO far, Randy Dorn is leading (51%) for superintendent of public instruction, which is the only one that I care about that is going sort of well. I'm hoping he wins, as we need a change in our education system.
I could care less who won president - is that terrible? I guess the president just feels ridiculously far removed from my everyday life and totally out of my control - that vote is one that I don't feel like makes any difference either.

Oh well. I didn't pay too close attention for most of the evening since my friend Jenn came over and we canned some apple butter together. That was one smashing success for the evening, even though I was pretty disappointed with the way the rest of issues went.

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