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Belated Mexico pictures

Above is our group minus one who was in the bathroom and one (Neal) who was taking the picture). Other than Yvonne (the older lady in the middle, who was one of the teachers) we are all missionary candidates which was really exciting. It was thrilling to spend time with such like-minded individuals. There were two other couples, one who is now in South Korea working to train Korean pastors (that's Minh in the red vest and her husband, Cobb, on the far right with the black shirt). The other couple,Bill and Tina, recently received approval from Sacred Road to begin putting together a support team as well. (That's Bill to the left of Cobb in the t-shirt and Tina right behind Minh). We were so blessed to spend the week getting to know them. They are a wonderful, down-to-earth, fun-loving couple with four girls. Their family really needs prayer as their daughters anticipate a move across the country. They currently live in Birmingham, Alabama and making the trip with their girls to Yakima in April. We can't wait to see them again; we're planning to go over and spend the weekend with them all. It should be a time of fun and planning and excitement. The two younger guys in the back (Kyle in the green shirt and Robert in the back in red) are going with Seth (not pictured) to Macau as soon as their resident visas are approved and their support team is put together. Apparently Macau is the Vegas of China, filled with alcoholics, casinos, etc. and they will be ministering among the needy and poor there.

This is where we spend most of our week- in class discussing interpersonal relationships, team-building and maintaining, and spiritual warfare, along with other relevant and practical concepts important to missionary life.
Here's what we did on break - eat, eat, eat. I have never eaten as much food in one week as I did in Mexico. Our host, Cande, fed us continually until we told her to stop - "muy llena" - which is the equivalent, (I think) of "I'm full."
Ah, and here's Seth, the one not in the pictures above. Seth is great, we enjoyed getting to know each of these guys and pray that God would guide and lead them down whatever path he has for each of them.
Below is Neal, founder of Emmaus Road International and leader of the ACTS bootcamp. The guy on the left is Marcos, who is the missionary-pastor of the church we were working with. Families from his church hosted each of us during the week. Marcos was an excellent interpreter - I felt like I was watching the Spanish TV channel. :)
We stayed in a very small village named "Ejido del Porvenir" which literally translated is "The village of the future," I think. The streets were horrific and will... eventually... be smoothed over with the dirt mountains that currently reside in the middle of each street.
Here's Cande, our host. I have been praying for Cande since returning, since she was widowed a mere 3 or so weeks before we arrived. I never got the details on how her husband died, but it was good we were there to stay with her. I think the Lord orchestrated that, since I spoke more Spanish than the other two couples and was able to have conversations that the Lord led (since my spanish isn't THAT good). Cande had four dogs: Pequin, Pequita, Nono, and Kiwi. They are her companions and we spent some time sitting with her, talking and feeding her dogs. Cande received word the morning were were to leave that her sister's husband had also died, so were able to pray and comfort her before leaving.
Here are Cande's beautiful orange trees. I have never had fresh-squeezed orange juice that can compare with fresh-squeezed orange juice from oranges picked moments before. Mmmm... my mouth is watering with the memory.

This is probably the only picture that I don't look grimy, I think. Due to... living circumstances, I only showered three times during the week, two of which were using buckets and bowls of water.
And here, I do look grimy... haha. Jesse and I went on a few walks around the village, since there wasn't much to "do." Walking, talking, and processing were really important for us.
This was such an important trip of us. It really solidified in our minds the call we believe God has placed in our hearts to work with our First Neighbors. The hospitality and prayers of this little church in Mexico were challenging and inspiring and we hope to return again one day to report how their hospitality helped to equip and prepare us for the work the Lord has for us.
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  1. Great pictures! I am glad we gave you the camera for Christmas. :)