Monday, June 22, 2009

19 Weeks and Pretending

Today I am pretending that I do not have a full time job and am a stay-at-home mom-to-be. Every year we get a personal day that we have to use before July or we lose it... I was thrilled to find out that I hadn't used mine yet and therefore had an excuse to take a day off to just enjoy! I rolled out of bed this morning at 9 after snuggling with my kitten for a bit and decided to spend as much time as I want poking around online this morning. I have a few things I want to get done around the house (finishing laundry, picking up our bedroom) and then I think I will head to a baby consignment shop I just learned is not far from where we live.
Jesse is hoping to get off early so he can work late tomorrow and we were talking about making a trip to the mall since our washing machine has been leaving grease stains on all his shirts and he is running out of shirts to wear - but he promised someone from church he would help them move this afternoon/evening so I don't know if we're going to do that. *Glower* Sometimes I wish I wasn't married to such a nice, helpful person- but then I remember that I benefit from that helpfulness every day, so I should definitely not complain.
As far as being 19 weeks, I feel like I really started showing in the last week; no more "fat" look - the baby is poking out in front rather than just slightly bulging. Pretty soon it will be noticeable even with loose fitting tops, but it's especially obvious if I'm wearing one of my favorite stretchy tops that gathers on each side of the abdomen. Baby is now "the size of an heirloom tomato" - about 8 1/2 oz and 6 inches from head to bottom, according to Their picture drawing of baby at this week makes me laugh - so much more crowded looking than last week!
I have been having more moments where I think "Yeah, that is probably the baby moving" but still nothing definite, which may be a few weeks off yet. I can't believe we are almost halfway there! Next week marks the halfway point and is the week of our ultrasound; I am getting very impatient and am frequently praying that baby will be cooperative so we can find out the gender. We had settled on a couple of names but then I was having second thoughts on the girl name until Saturday night when I realized that I really do love it and now we are final (I hope... maybe things will change but I don't think so - usually when we make decisions, we stick to them). I can't wait to find out whether we will be using the boy name or the girl name... but will be keeping them a secret for 5 months more, much to my mother's chagrin. ;)

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  1. You're keeping the name a secret!?! Wow! I am absolutely horrible with surprises, so I could never wait that long! :) But I am so excited for you guys! You're only 7 weeks or so ahead of me... I'm already starting to show, though. I guess that's how it is with the 2nd. So we're coming up to CdA in August and hope to maybe come see you guys. We'll see if we can work that out! Love you guys!!! :)