Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pink Everywhere!

Last Sunday, two of my dear friends from church threw me a shower with many of the ladies who have been influential in my growth through the last 20+ years. It was such a blessing to be surrounded by ladies who have cared (and do care) about me; I felt so loved and cherished. It was also reassuring to know that I have many people in my life to turn to for advice and help when I need it as I face the exciting and challenging phase of being a new mommy. The variety in age and wisdom represented in the room was pretty awesome when I stopped to think about it; from my friend Mary, who turned 87 this year, down to my grandma, down to ladies like my mom and her friends, down to me and two of my own-age girlfriends and down even a few more years to a sweet girlfriend who just graduated college this year.
There was pink EVERYWHERE! The pictures below are just a snippet of the overwhelming blessings we received for our sweet baby girl; the gifts just kept coming and coming, and everything was delightfully frilly and adorable!
The table was beautiful with these hydrangeas, my favorite flower. It made me to think to just 3 years ago when we got married and the church was filled with these from my mom's garden! Sue (one of the ladies who threw me the shower - she has been like a second mom or aunt to me all my life) made the adorable pink cake booties and the "baby blanket" cake pictured below; Jesse and I ate a little from one of the booties last night and it was delicious!
What a fun time of friendship and blessings to me. I have many thank you notes to get started writing tonight to share my gratitude and thankfulness at all of the blessings I have continually received from these women even until now. My sweet baby girl is already so blessed and has a wardrobe bigger and cuter than my own already!

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  1. Glad you had a great shower! Sounds like a lot of fun! :)And Cohen has always had more and cuter clothes than me and Jer put together! :) Funny how that works. Plus, it doesn't help when I buy things for him everywhere I go...