Sunday, August 02, 2009

25 weeks and sweltering...

Here's me at week 25, taken tonight... really showing now, huh?? I love this dress I bought last week and have been waiting all week to wear it. It was so nice to feel like I had some cute dress clothes to wear to church!

It has been SO hot here, up in the 90's-100's, which is unbelievably warm for this area, especially since we don't have A/C in our apartment, and only one little box fan that is either upstairs or downstairs...the entire area is sold out of box fans at this point, so there was no hope of gaining another. Instead, we spent the week in chaos, hopping from one air conditioned place to another, including a slumber party at my parents' house for a few nights. Now that it is only in the upper 80's (ONLY!?), we have been able to tolerate being at home, but I'm still pretty uncomfortable. Praise the Lord that my workplace has A/C, so that has helped, but not the last couple days. I cannot imagine what life has been like for women in their last month or weeks of pregnancy right now; I have only just started reaching the point that my back aches when I'm on my feet too long, so it's not like I'm suffering many aches and pains associated with later pregnancy.
This week, Baby is about 1 1/2 pounds and 13 inches from head to heels by all the literature I've read. All week I have been considering the fact that week 24 is a major marker in pregnancy in that it is the earliest that the medical community has a high success rate of keeping the baby alive if it is born at this point. I actually have seen kids born at 24 weeks (technically 4 months early) on my caseload at work, and while some have some significant health problems, others are almost completely typically developing with a few mild issues to resolve. This has been wonderful and amazing to me to ponder, since those moms gave birth at this stage and I am nowhere NEAR ready for that! From here on out, I can just pray for this baby to stay in and cook until she's done! Each week in the womb is a week that is crucial for development of lungs, fat, etc. I just hope it cools down a bit soon so I can stop cooking too!

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