Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Long Beach Adventures

Here we are at Long Beach for a whole week, and already we started losing track of days, which is a sign of a great vacation, in my opinion ("Honey, what is today? Tuesday or Wednesday?"). Our little cottage is so cute and cozy and I'm planning to take some pictures of it before we leave but haven't gotten there yet. Yesterday we had a nice quiet morning with cinnamon rolls and fried eggs, Scripture reading, and chatting. We are right on the main street of Seaview, which runs into the town of Long Beach, so we're close to everything - a couple blocks from the beach, a mile or so from the touristy shopping and restaurants everywhere!
My goofy husband I our first night here- we took other shots but I wasn't terribly satisfied with any of them, so I figured this one would do. I didn't know he was making that face until much later when I went back through the pictures!
Still happily married after three years - here's proof!
Yesterday morning we decided to go try to find the bookstore Jesse read about that was supposed to be in Long Beach but we never did find it. Instead we kept driving right on through town up to the point of the peninsula. There's a wildlife refuge up at the top, and I guess we hit a lucky day because there was some wildlife right on the side of the road!!

We spent the afternoon reading, walking, and napping on the beach while the sun alternately shone and hid behind clouds. It was beautiful and mostly isolated with only the sound of the waves. We had lunch out and enjoyed delicious halibut sandwiches. I decided I might break the "rule" about how much seafood you're supposed to have when you're pregnant just for this week... you can't spend a week at the coast and have only 2 servings of seafood, right? And I'm not drinking alcohol so it will balance out...

We expected cold and cloudy, but we've been wrong the last few days!! Tata for now, off to get ready for another day in the sun!

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  1. I'm so glad you got that time together- sounds like so much fun and a good time before the many changes ahead. You look great, can't believe you're so close to D-day, yay!