Thursday, October 29, 2009

After all...

Happy early Halloween! We didn't carve pumpkins this year because we're moving on Halloween, but I missed it and was enjoying looking at some pictures of pumpkins from our annual Harvest parties in years past! These were made by our talented friends (and my husband) two years ago... can't believe it's been that long!!

37 1/2 weeks and we're still packing! Baby is moving like crazy all the time, but it's not too uncomfortable. In fact, I don't really think of this stage of pregnancy as that unbearable compared to all the warnings I got, but it probably would be if I was still working full time. Having the afternoons to rest is a huge blessing in disguise because now I really don't feel too achy, stiff, sore. Maybe I just expected late pregnancy to be way harder and tiring than it has been, so I'm pleasantly surprised. This pregnancy HAS been a really easy one overall, minus the blood pressure excitement. On that note, at my midwife visit on Tuesday, my bp was much better, even when sitting up, so that was encouraging! Unfortunately, I think subconsciously that makes me feel like I can get up more, which is probably not true, since the reason it was down was probably because I had been resting so much. So it's actually way harder this week to rest than it was last week when I felt like there was real danger - on top of the fact that the pressure is on for the move coming this Saturday and I just want to get up and do all the little last minute packing that you can't really direct anyone to do for you.
Jesse has gone back to substitute teaching instead of his almost-non-paying job where he's been the last year, which will bring in a little more money but we're still praying for God's peace and provision since the loss of my income will be significant. I have decided to go back to work 1 day a week after 3 months, which for some reason I resisted for a long time in my head but there was a funny turning point a few weeks ago when I realized I actually wanted to work one day a week while we live here. The Lord has already provided a childcare swap with a dear friend and I think I may end up doing paid childcare for her another 1-2 days each week as well, once we're ready to start that, so that will also be a huge help. It turns out this week was full of answered prayers and I'm excited to just get moving into the new place on Saturday and start setting up (or at least being set up, since I'm not supposed to help with moving) house again. It will feel so good to just get out of here and get unpacked again, especially since I'm going a little crazy not being able to feel "prepared" for baby. Whether that's nesting or just my type-A, always be prepared personality, I don't know, but I do know I'm ready to go and the house is just about ready too. Just 2 more days to make it through until we can move, and then I give baby permission to come late next week. We'll see if she obeys. I'm also okay if she waits until her due date (at least right now I'm okay with that thought) but I definitely do NOT want her to come way after, that's for sure!
Tata for now, off to work. I'm trying to decide whether to go get a haircut this afternoon for the first time in way too long!

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