Sunday, October 25, 2009

"You just don't give a care..."

Last May, when I was only 3 months along, we spent a day at the beach and nearby was another girl who was pregnant but much farther on than I was, she was probably at least 8 months pregnant or so. She was wearing a shirt that was not long enough and pants that were not high enough in the waist, so that her belly was showing. I leaned over to Jesse and whispered that he was never to let me go out of the house looking like that.
Last night we ran out to get some more packing tape at my family's and stopped by the store for some ice cream, and I realized that I was on my road to becoming that girl... I was weaing some horrendous black fleece pants that I probably got at the thrift store when I was in 9th grade, a maternity top that, with maternity pants would have been long enough but with these loose fleece pants, did not consistently keep my middle covered. As a side note, I had showered but had NOT gotten around to putting on makeup or doing my hair in any way. I reminded Jesse of that time at the beach and said,

"What I realize now is that when you're this pregnant, you JUST DON'T CARE!!!"

Which is not entirely true because, well, I do care not to look like a beached whale with her underside hanging out, a neon white light against the blustery, rainy sky... so I'll try a little harder today. Hopefully I will succeed...

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