Sunday, October 25, 2009

37 weeks...

Well, as unflattering as this picture is, it's the most I would let my mom do to post on her blog last night since I hadn't done my hair or makeup and had on the black fleece pants that Jesse threatens to throw away when I'm not looking... but here's a general idea of how big baby is. I feel uncomfortable and huge but when I look at this picture and others, I actually think I don't look that huge compared to how I COULD look. But when I'm lying down, my mobility is still completely challenged and it takes great effort to get up.

Laying down is something I'm doing a lot of lately since my blood pressure remained really high at my Friday midwife visit and she told me that my primary activity needs to be lying on my side. I'm still cleared to go to work for 4 hours each day but then coming home and... you got it, resting! And I've been doing my best to rest rest rest this weekend, which is hard in the midst of a sea of boxes and things that need to be packed, but Jesse and my mom have been life-savers. I feel completely useless and it's so frustrating! But I am also terrified of the idea of Baby coming early in the middle of our big move, so I use that as motivation to confine myself to the couch as much as I can.
I'm SO excited to just move and start getting unpacked (or... letting others get me unpacked) because I'm just itching to set up house again. My family has offered to let us eat up there each night this week so I don't have to prepare any meals and so we could get my kitchen packed up, which mom so efficiently did yesterday!
So at this point, that's the main news... resting, packing, anticipating the arrival of our first baby, and working half-time at this point. I return to the midwife on Tuesday to check my blood pressure and they have now scheduled me to come twice a week for the rest of my pregnancy to keep a close eye on me and the baby. I am trying hard not to stress and just rest in the knowledge that, as with everything else in our life, God is the one who determines all things - EVEN my blood pressure. I was reading a Psalm the other day that said "You brought me forth from my mother's womb," and it keeps springing into my head that labor and delivery are completely under God's sovereign rule and He will draw this baby out from me (although I know I have a very active part to play in that too!!). What a comfort to me His sovereign grace and mercy is, especially in times that are hard or stressful. I don't know how I would stay sane without the peace of that knowledge in my heart and mind!

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  1. I know it's stressful, but you are very lucky not to have BP problems until this late in pregnancy! At this point, if they have to induce, baby will be totally fine and probably not even need a NICU stay. With my Pre-e pregnancy, I was able to carry to my due date- but I was spilling protein and swelling- so it sounds like you're just needing to rest! :) Take it easy and get lots of rest!! :)