Monday, October 19, 2009

4 weeks left...

Here I am again, facing another Monday morning! This week we are 36 weeks along and it will prove to be a very different looking week for me. At my Friday midwife appointment last week, my blood pressure was too high, and they were particularly concerned because it had been creeping up at each visit over the last few weeks. I was also a bit puffy and seemed to maybe be carrying some water weight, so given all the factors, she insisted I go to half-time at work, cutting back from 35 hours to 20 hours, starting this week. We were prepared that this might happen and I have fortunately given away most of the kids on my caseload, so I've been mainly doing paperwork with a smattering of kiddos here and there. This makes it much easier logistically to cut back, although it continues to be a test financially, since we were hoping I could work more right up til baby comes. We're playing it by ear so we'll see what happens this Friday. I seriously doubt, regardless of my blood pressure that they're going to okay me to go back to full time at this point so it's 20 hours a week from here out, I guess. It definitely increases the feeling that we're on the home stretch - I am technically full term next week, which is crazy to me. We're really praying that we get a few more weeks before she comes because we're still planning to move on the 31st (could that be contributing to my high blood pressure? haha) and would love to move without a hospital stay in the middle. The timing is really up to the Lord, though, and we trust that He will do what is best. We have absolutely no say in most of the things happening to us lately, so we're doing our best to sail through and enjoy the ride. Jesus says in Matthew that "Sufficient for the day is its own trouble" so why feel anxious about tomorrow? That's a verse I recite to myself, meditate on, and pray through every morning, because otherwise, I get so bogged down in trying to imagine all the "worsts" that might happen and try to prepare for them, which is completely impossible with most of my worries.
So here's to starting a week with a lot of rest and less work. I am supposed to lay down 3 hours every day so that will be a challenge, especially when I'm surrounded with boxes and things that need packing, but I will be strict with myself and make myself follow directions because I want this baby to stay in and be healthy!
In other news, we had a few baby showers last week, one at work and one with some dear friends and it was an absolute DOWNPOUR of blessings. I could hardly believe it. I think we now have pretty much all of the things we were hoping to have in place before baby comes which is so amazing. We got a changing pad, changing pad covers, crib sheets, baby spoons and bowls... bottles... a breastpump!! and our crib bedding, to name just a few. I took pictures of the goodies from the shower the ladies at work threw me (I haven't had time to do it with the other shower goodies yet!):

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  1. stay in, stay in baby girl! Best wishes, Sarah. You're a good mommy already! Good job laying aside the worry - I just posted about that myself.

    Ells (from Michelle's wedding)

  2. I wonder if our kids with have the same birthday. We just officially set the c-section date for November 20th, hopefully we'll make it that far. Blood pressure stuff huh? It was amazing to me how much just taking it easier helped my blood pressure, hopefully it will do the same for you. I can't believe you're planning on moving in a few days- crazy crazy. What's a pregnancy without a move? At least that's our philosophy (: Love the updates!