Monday, January 04, 2010


For today, the fourth of January,
Outside my window... drops of mist are gathering on the branches of the cedar, fog lies quietly over the valley, and the clouds block my view of the hills and mountains.
I am thinking... about how wonderful it is to be able to put my baby down to sleep without her stirring or fussing. Other thoughts center around my to-do list: wash diapers, bake bread, fold laundry, and working on some fun projects around the house.
I am thankful for... God's most recent surprise provision with an unexpected $300 appearing in our bank account (Jesse was going back over his December paycheck and was telling me earlier yesterday that he thinks they made a mistake unless it was an extremely short pay period, but he thought he should have been paid double what appeared in our account. We're not sure if this extra deposit is related to that or something else we weren't expecting... but it sure is needed this month!)
From the kitchen... breakfast dishes are crying out to be put away to make room for bread-baking day!
I am wearing... my nightgown and snuggly pink bathrobe with my warm brown slippers.
I am creating... pajama pants made out of used bed sheets for Jesse (pattern idea here) and knitting myself a pink hat.
I am the leasing office to pay rent.
I am reading...Julie and Julia by Julie Powell, Spurgeon's Morning and Evening, and The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith.
I am hoping...the Lord will continue to strengthen my trust in Him in order to face all things with the peace and joy of knowing that my real home is with Him.
I am hearing...the breathtaking beauty of the Fleet Foxes and the bathroom fan, left on as white noise for Lyddie-loo
Around the house...requires more tidying but it's looking much better than it was yesterday! Laundry is piled into my baskets in the hallway and Jesse's tools are strewn about my dining room among a medley of recycled wood for the Noah's Ark he's creating for some of our dear friends' little girl.
One of my favorite a crackling fire in January evenings!
A few plans for the rest of the week: all of our regular activities begin again this week, so we have church dinner and Bible study on Wednesday, Mother's Ministry on Thursday morning, dinner with a friend on Tuesday, a Deacon's meeting on Thursday evening... my goal is to finish up that pair of pajama pants that was intended as a Christmas present for my poor husband who has never had a nice pair of pj pants.
Here is picture for thought I am is she getting so big, so fast! Sweet Adelaide last week at 6-weeks old who is now reaching and batting at toys!
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  1. Sounds like a full and happy life to me!