Monday, January 04, 2010

Why I Wish We Had A Garage

The love of my life occasionally pulls out his tools for some wood-working project or other.
This time he's making a beautiful Noah's Ark complete with beautiful wooden animals. If we weren't raising support to be missionaries, he would definitely love to be a "cobbler" (do I mean carpenter? whittler? yes... but if you don't understand this reference, you haven't seen "Away We Go" and you are definitely missing out, so go rent it or put it on your Netflix queue). Unfortunately, since we live in an apartment, this means I lose all functional use of my dining room when he's at home. At the time of this picture, he is at work and I made him tidy up his tools. This was his best shot, which isn't too bad. But it still looks like my living space has turned into a workshop. I so wouldn't put up with this if he wasn't so cute when he tries to dance.

P.S. I hate the word queue. I think it is ridiculous.

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  1. We have been remodeling a house for 6 years now. I can very much relate to being sick to death of tools all over the place!

  2. I feel your pain--your Dad needs a garage too. You don't remember this, but daddy rebuilt a carbeurator on our dining room table once. Lovely greasy car parts all over the place. This too shall pass-
    Love you!

  3. move your crap out of there then and give the man some space! haha

    be blessed. thanks.