Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fifteen Surprises (and 3 non-surprises) in 8 weeks

I thought I would have 8, but ended up with 15 things that I have been surprised by since having a baby.

1) How much I would love watching her stretch after she wakes up.

2) That swaddled babies would wake up damp and smell sweaty and stinky.

3) Just exactly how fast she would change.
4) How many hours I could spend each day just looking at her.

5) How much she would love just being completely naked and diaperless.
6) That getting her in and out of clothes would not really be as hard as everyone claimed it would be.

7) That she would have a flaming red hair in the sunlight.

8) That she would be sleeping for 6-7 hour stretches at night by 6 weeks of age.

9) How loved and trusted I would feel when she lays her head on my chest.

10) That cloth diapers wouldn't really be inconvenient or difficult, nor do they soak through more often than disposables.11) How increasingly important it would be that I spend time in the Word each day, morning and night, and even afternoon.

12) How expensive she would be.

13) How grateful I would be to have connections with other moms who have little kids.

14) How much I would love being at home full-time.

15) How utterly captivated I would be by her when she's sleeping and when she's smiling.
To the midwife who did my 3 week check up,

Things I am NOT surprised by:
1) the continued presence of stretch marks
2) the continued lack of abdominal strength
3) the continued need to lose weight
While these were things I was already completely aware of, thanks so much for pointing them out to to me just three weeks after pushing a baby out of my body. Since, you know, I was already feeling so very ATTRACTIVE.)

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  1. Oh, man. Loved your list, but I also did not like my body post partum. Oh, that was the worst part of having a baby. It does get better! It does get better! I've done it 4 times and it does get better! Never perfect, but better. :)

  2. Wow. What a lovely lady for pointing those things out to you. Did you smack her? :p

  3. oh, i was so tempted, lani. she was so horrible. I loved all the other midwives but she was the part-time one i had never met and she sucked all around.