Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Never hope for something to write about

I will never again hope that I have something interesting to say, because there is a good chance that that something will be bad...
Here are all the interesting things that happened yesterday. We have no money for groceries or the medical bills piling up thanks to a very short pay period for Jesse last month (praise the Lord for WIC is all I have to say, He truly provided that in the nick of time for us). My family's cat, Oliver, who we had since he was a kitten, passed away yesterday after 11 years of bringing our family joy. Adelaide refused to take a bottle for a solid hour. Then our laptop screen got a big crack in it when Jesse was moving it from the couch area to the dining room. And to top it all off, I thought American Idol was starting last night, but it turns out it wasn't starting until tonight.
Horrendous. I can definitely relate to Alexander. Maybe I'll move to Australia.

Today was much better all around, even though the same problems were all there. At least I ate healthy, did an intense ab workout, didn't snack a bunch, did some serious cleaning and organizing, and am happy with the way my house looks. I guess not having a computer available freed up some time. Now I'm off to bed with my book and snuggle time with Jesse. <3 A good way to end any day.

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  1. Discouraging days can be so..... discouraging....