Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This has been one of those weeks where I feel like I can hardly catch my breath or sit down for more than five minutes. We had two appointments and grocery shopping on Monday, I worked on Tuesday and attempted to catch up with some housework and today I had an eye appointment, a dentist appointment for some fillings, church dinner, ordered some new glasses, and am heading out in the middle of the night to pick up my friend Morgan and her baby from the airport. They are staying with us for the next few days...
Tomorrow and Friday I am watching the little girl I'm now providing daycare for and trying to pull together plans for the big luncheon we are having on Sunday following Adelaide's baptism. My in-laws are coming into town on Saturday for the baptism and will want to spend time with us.
I'm tired just thinking about this week and while this weekend will be fun, I am looking forward to life going back to normal eventually!
In other news, Adelaide's new favorite activity is bath time in the big tub and she is so adorable kicking and splashing around! I'll try to post pictures soon...

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  1. Wow Sarah--what a life you lead. :) So happy to hear of your little precious.

  2. Sounds busy! How was the baptism?

  3. Where have you been?! :) Hope all is well. :0)

  4. Ha, yes, everything is well, I have been SO busy between starting work, doing childcare for a friend's baby a few days a week and support raising... I need to get back though! I was just getting ready to post some pictures at LEAST!