Monday, March 22, 2010

Ten (Minus Two) Things (Almost) Tuesday

I only have a couple minutes to update before I need to go catch some zzzz's. There are many things going on in our lives right now, and I'm exhausted all the time.

1. Adelaide is now 4 months and enjoying rice cereal with her whole heart. It got to the point that I felt guilty eating in front of her because her little mouth would start going and she would lean toward me and my spoon, so I decided to start her on cereal on the early end of the age recommendation and so far, so good! She's still working on coordinating with the spoon, but she's getting it more smoothly every day. She continued to refuse the bottle for the most part so we're officially done, especially since she is getting more skilled at taking milk and water in both a sippy cup and a little open cup. I left her with Jesse the other night for a few hours to go to a concert my brother was playing in, and she was able to take a few ounces from the sippy cup! She also took all 3 oz while I was at work last Tuesday so hopefully that will increase with more and more practice! Look at how big she is!

2. We have been working our booties off raising financial support so we can move to the Yakama Indian Reservation. We jumped up 14% in the last 6 weeks, and if we continue to see increases like this, we'll have 100% of our support pledged in 6 months.
3. We are driving the 5+ hour trip to Spokane this Friday with Adelaide so we can meet with people to share about our future ministry. I am praying that we will have a lot of meetings lined up - so far we only have 2, but Jesse is still calling folks.
4. I'm working 1 day a week and still doing childcare for a friend 2 other days each week. This is a great way to be able to make a little money but stay home with Adelaide but I'm pretty tired lately. I miss the days when I just had everyday at home and open.
5. We are planting a garden plot in a piece of land at our church that has been turned into a garden. We actually are heading up this project for the time being so that it would be ready in time for us to use it. We both love gardening and are excited to finally get to use real land for it rather than container gardening. We are planting all sorts of exciting fruits and vegetables with thrilling names like "Bloody Butcher Corn" and "Cream of Sasketchewan watermelon." This is really nice experience because we have long batted around the idea of including a community garden as part of our work in White Swan, especially as an educational opportunity for the kids Jesse will work with. Organizing this here gives us good experience and knowledge to prepare for that possibility, we think.
6. After 4 months of diaper rash, I finally changed to a fragrance-free diaper detergent. DUH. It is making all the difference and I'm so pleased. Why did I not think to try this before?!?! Sometimes I wonder about myself.
7. Jesse brought home mint chocolate chip ice cream tonight and it was completely delicious.
8. I just read the saddest book that was much better than I thought it was going to be. I almost decided to quit reading it because I didn't like how it portrayed marriage and men, but I stuck with it and it completely redeemed itself. (The book, if you're wondering, was "Mattie Spenser's Diary" by Sandra Dallas.) I'm glad now that I stuck with it but I'm still saddened by parts of it.

Alright, time to crash. I was going to try to think up two more interesting things and try to go back and make this post more entertaining than just listing random stuff on my mind but I am way too tired for that. Oh how I long for the days of just being home with a tiny newborn! Have those words ever been uttered? Those are supposed to be the days you don't miss...

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  1. Sounds busy! I know what you mean. I still long for the days when I was home all day with just ONE new baby. The memories from those days are some of my favorites of motherhood.