Wednesday, May 05, 2010

14 (Random) Things I Love

1) The way Adelaide smells like bubbles and aloe and lavender after her bath.

2) The way my heart feels after praying and seeing specific prayer requests answered, like the answer we just received to my prayer that we would be enabled to pay off Lyddie's medical bills from her birth.

3) The way we feel challenged and encouraged after a visit to the Rez and the renewed zeal we feel for working on securing our financial support so we can be long term missionaries to the Yakama people.

4) The quiet of naptime.

5) The joy of Lyddie waking up smiling and squirming and ready to play.

6) Creativity in the kitchen with cooking, meal planning, exploring new ingredients, and using up what's in the pantry.

7) Learning a new skill or craft and improving old skills and crafts.

8) Seeing our plants grow in the garden and dreaming about all the ways we will enjoy them when it's time to harvest. Baby lettuce is almost ready!

9) Finding amazing deals on craigslist for things we would otherwise have had to pay full price for, like an adorable johnny-jump-up for Adelaide we are picking up tonight!!

10) Snail mail - both sending and receiving. I even enjoy writing thank you notes.

11) Salty's amazing Sunday morning brunch with all-you-can-eat crab legs.

12) When I'm all caught up on laundry and it's all folded and put away (at least, I think I love that. It may never have happened yet).

13) Making music.

14) Pretty curtains in the window; it completely changes the look of a room!

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